One Second in... F1 Racing


History of ... the engine

In episode 1 we find out how engine innovations from the racetrack have ended up in road cars, and meet some leaders in the sport to find out what makes them tick.

History of...the drivers

From the great Sir Jackie Stewart to the current Formula 2 world champion hoping to break through to F1, we meet the people who are at the centre of most exciting sport in the world.

Leader interview - Mark Gallagher

Power without control is nothing. Find out how aerodynamic design in F1 harnesses the awesome power of an engine and converts it into a winning machine.

In a sport where every fraction of a second saved can mean millions of dollars earned, we meet the people in the pits who feel this pressure more than anyone else.

The history of the chassis

Has the drive to safety in Formula 1 taken the excitement out of the sport? We debate the issue of risk versus reward and how it is always at the heart of the sport and the business.

The history: IT and data

Formula 1 generates thousands of gigabytes of data; the car, the race, the driver are all constantly monitored. We look at how F1 teams leave no byte unturned to extract the smallest advantage.

The history of the tyres

We look closely at the only part of the car to touch the race track, as well as the only business that pays for the right to supply the tyres to F1. Is this a monopoly or just good marketing?

The history of fuel

In the season where Formula 1 gets to grip with its own ‘fuel crisis’, we look at two of the biggest global oil companies involved with the business of F1.

What does the future hold for F1?

For a sport with a glorious heritage, Formula 1 has never shied away from making sweeping changes each season. We ask the question, where next for the biggest, richest sport in the world?



We go behind the scenes of F1 and look at the technology, innovation and plain hard graft that goes into each second on the track.


  • Torie is a presenter and lifestyle reporter who is guest presenter for One Second in... F1 Racing.


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