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  • Maria's Observation: Market Won't Quit

    CNBC's Maria Bartiromo says the market's rally this year makes sense, but "it's still a fragile story" that could be smashed if rates go higher. (1:55)

  • Good News Keeps Coming for Housing as Starts Surge

    Even with mortgage rates hovering near record lows, it doesn’t take much to send borrowers running for the hills.

  • Before investing in money markets, portfolio manager Tony Crescenzi cautions these funds are now under new pressure.

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  • CNBC Fed Survey: QE & the Economy

    CNBC's Steve Liesman reports what participants of the CNBC Fed survey say about the probability of a recession, and the dangers of the looming fiscal cliff.

  • Outlook For the US Economy

    CNBC's Steve Liesman offers insight on the latest Fed survey, including the probability of a recession in the next 12 months.

  • How Will the Fed Replace Operation Twist?

    CNBC's Steve Liesman breaks down the next steps for the Fed according to a CNBC survey. 88 percent of respondents said the Fed will replace Operation Twist with outright asset purchases, he says. Cliff Robbins, CEO of Blue Harbour Group, weighs in.

  • Benchmark oil prices will continue to remain in a tight range this week as the continued lack of progress on averting the U.S. "fiscal cliff" and a political crisis in Italy offset positive sentiment from data showing an improvement in China's economy.

  • Is Bernanke Out of Bullets?

    What will the Fed do next? A crucial Fed meeting starts next Tuesday. How to make money from it, with Greg Ip, The Economist, CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Money In Motion traders.

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    U.S. Treasuries were firm in Asia with the yield on 10-year notes near a three-week low on concerns over the fiscal cliff as well as hopes for fresh easing steps by the Fed.

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    “Operation Twist” has outlived its usefulness and should be retired, BlackRock Global Head of Fixed Income Peter Fisher told CNBC on Monday.

  • More Fed Action Needed?

    Discussing the state of the U.S. markets, and whether more Fed action is necessary, with CNBC contributors Joe Lavorgna and Ron Insana, and CNBC's Steve Liesman.

  • EU Credit Squeeze Affecting Global Trade

    Gary Schlossberg, Chief Economist, Wells Capital Management says that European banks account for a disproportionate share of global trade credit, and the current credit squeeze in Europe is affecting global trade.

  • The Fed's Next Move

    Discussing the Fed's announcement to extend Operation Twist, with Richard Fisher, Dallas Federal Reserve president.

  • Stocks Seesaw After Fed Announcement

    At noon today, stocks sank on the Fed's news to extend Operation Twist and continued a wild ride on Wall Street today. Barry Knapp, Barclays, shares his opinions.

  • Maria's Market Insight: Fed Extends Operation Twist

    CNBC's Maria Bartiromo discusses the day's top business and financial stories, and looks ahead to tomorrow's Closing Bell.

  • Fixed Income Picks Post-Fed Announcement

    Bed, Bath & Beyond is down as much as 9% after hours, with the Fast Money traders; and Jason Brady, Thornburg Investments shares trading advice for fixed income investors since the Fed extended Operation Twist. CNBC's Jon Fortt reports on Microsoft's new Windows 8 phone.

  • The Fed Has Spoken, Now What?

    The Fed is extending "Operation Twist" as a way to help boost the economy, but is it enough? Lawrence Goodman, Center for Financial Stability, weighs in.

  • What Markets Want from Bernanke

    Kenny Polcari, ICAP managing director, and CNBC's Brian Shactman offer insight on the stock market activity.

  • Markets Digest Fed Decision

    Insight on the Fed decision to leave rates unchanged and continue "Operation Twist," with CNBC's Steve Liesman and Vincent Reinhart, Morgan Stanley.