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Paul Hellman

Founder, Express Potential

Consultant, author, speaker, and founder of Express Potential®, Paul Hellman has worked with CEOs, executives, and managers at leading companies for over 25 years to improve performance and productivity at work.

He is the author of “Naked at Work: How to Stay Sane When Your Job Drives You Crazy,” and his columns have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post and other leading papers.


  • It happens everyday. You’re in the middle of a sentence – you could be giving a presentation, leaving a voice mail, talking to yourself – and you lose your train of thought. What should you do?

  • This year, there’s something big you need to do. It was probably on your To Do list last year, but you ran out the clock. This year, you tell yourself, things will be different.

  • “You’ll never get to the next level in this company,” an exec told one his managers, “because you can’t take an abstract idea and turn it into a business model.” Did you ever get feedback like this? Or worse, give it? It’s time for the annual performance review. Bosses and employees are about to say and hear a lot of crazy stuff.

  • Suppose you get laid off and someone asks why you’re out of work. It’s important that your explanation be impersonal. That means not blaming yourself or others.