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  • Studies show two-thirds of advisors have no succession plan, but crafting one is key to ensuring peace of mind for clients and employees.

  • Online marketing

    A PR plan is essential for growth, but a new study found only 32 percent of advisors have a position dedicated to marketing.

  • Office super hero

    CNBC Digital Financial Advisors Council member Tim Maurer shares 10 tips advisors can use to differentiate themselves from the competition.

  • Robot

    The growth of robo-advisors has forced traditional advisor firms to strategize and rethink the services and value they provide to clients.

  • Insurance

    A look at the many ways financial advisors are incorporating insurance expertise into the services they offer clientele.

  • Touch screen pie chart

    Automated, algorithm-based robo-advisor portfolio managers are gaining a foothold with some traditional financial advisory firms.

  • Social Security

    As more baby boomers age, some financial advisors are starting to specialize in doling out advice on maximizing Social Security benefits.

  • Video conferencing

    From automated reporting systems to videoconferences, technology is changing how independent RIAs are serving their clients.

  • Financial Advisor and clients

    More financial advisors are attracting and building client relationships by tapping into emotional, social and other non-fiscal needs.

  • Opposite arrows

    A unique breed of financial advisors is growing in numbers as investors demand access to a broad array of investment and advice options.

  • Businessman computers

    Advisors can use social media to boost their client base but deploying it successfully means repurposing unique content—relentlessly.

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