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Phil Stott

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Phil Stott is a web content producer at in New York. Originally from Scotland, he has lived and worked in Eastern Europe, Japan and South Korea.


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    According to a new report by HR consultancy Mercer, there's a 50 percent chance that any given employee is either checked out or looking to leave. Which means if they're not at their desk, they might be off interviewing with the competition. And if they are at their desk, they might not be doing anything anyway.

  • Negotiation

    Whether you believe the focus on employee motivation is relevant at this point in time or not, it behooves both workers and companies to pay closer attention to the concept of feedback.

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    When you think about how other people spend their time at work, what do you base your impression on? The websites you see up on their screen during the day? Whether they arrive before you or leave later? The amount or quality of their work?

  • The Container Store

    What's most striking about the example set by the Container Store is that, while the company isn't doing anything exceptional, it's flying in the face of prevailing business orthodoxy.

  • Starbucks

    When is growth a bad thing? When it's happening too fast, and causing you (or your company) to lose sight of core competencies, principles and values. The good news: it's possible to correct all of that—but not without some tough decision-making along the way.

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    When it comes to employment and happiness, there's always been something of an accepted hierarchy. Having a job you love and that pays you well is at the top. Below that: having a job you love OR one that pays well. Then there's simply having a job, any job. At the very bottom of the scale: not having a job (assuming, of course, that you want to work).

  • Protesters fill the courtyard and steps outside the State Capitol building on February 16, 2010 in Madison, Wisconsin. Protesters were demonstrating against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's proposal to eliminate collective bargaining rights for many state workers.

    There are few things more beloved in Wisconsin than sausage—bratwurst in particular. So when people in the state are seriously considering stopping buying their brats from one of its most iconic homegrown firms, you know something is up.

  • Let's say you're surfing the Internet one day, and come across a rumor about your company that you know to be false. What do you do?

  • Facebook

    The most common usage of Facebook from a hiring perspective is to promote the organization's brand but now more companies are using it to communicate with potential candidates...But candidates remain unconvinced by the trade-off between being able to network with companies and the potential loss of privacy involved

  • WikiLeaks

    Say what you will about Assange and his WikiLeaks project, there's no doubt that he's changing the game for governments and companies around the world, shining light into corners that many would prefer to remain in darkness.