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  Thursday, 6 Aug 2009 | 2:58 PM ET

The National Debt Never Sleeps—and Neither Should You

Posted ByCindy Perman
Ready for a good scare? The national debt clock is now online, and it's brought 38 of its evil statistical friends with it to freak you out. »Read more
  Thursday, 6 Aug 2009 | 9:06 AM ET

Gimme a Job—Or I’ll Sue!

Posted ByCindy Perman
You don't have to wait for the Labor Department report on employment. If you want to know the state of the job market, look no further than Trina Thompson. A recent IT grad, Thompson is suing her college because she hasn't found a job yet. »Read more
  Tuesday, 4 Aug 2009 | 1:39 PM ET

Recession Ride: The Taxi That Lets YOU Set the Fare

Posted ByCindy Perman
The recession has spawned many things, but you wouldn't think trust was one of them. Enter "Recession Ride Taxi," the taxi that lets YOU set the fare! »Read more
  Thursday, 30 Jul 2009 | 12:46 PM ET

Foreclosure Business Boom: Lawn Painting

Posted ByCindy Perman
That brown lawn on the foreclosed house next door got you down? No worries. Just paint it green! »Read more
  Friday, 24 Jul 2009 | 1:21 PM ET

'Bling' Culture Kicked to the Curb by Recession

Posted ByCindy Perman
The recession's latest victim: Bling. Man, this economy is a lot less fly than it used to be! »Read more
  Friday, 24 Jul 2009 | 11:21 AM ET

A CNBC Spoof ... How Flattering

Our Web site has been spoofed. And it's a pretty good one. »Read more
  Friday, 17 Jul 2009 | 11:37 AM ET

Ally's Rebranding: Are Those Kids Really Acting?

Posted ByCindy Perman
How do you change your image if you're a bank, tied to an automaker, in the middle of a recession blamed on banks? You roll out your secret weapons: Cute kids—and a pony! But are those kids in the Ally commercials really acting? »Read more
  Friday, 10 Jul 2009 | 12:54 PM ET

Recession Special: Steak for $5!

Posted ByCindy Perman
In our latest installment of Eat Like a King at Pauper's Prices, it's steak! There's a lot of heartache out there but my, my, my, this recession sure is tasty! »Read more
  Tuesday, 7 Jul 2009 | 3:41 PM ET

Recession Undercuts Prices on Another Guilty Pleasure

Posted ByCindy Perman
The recession has claimed many culinary victims but the upshot is: You can eat like a king at pauper's prices! Lobster at lunch-meat prices, wine cheaper than water and now, completing the "Recession Special" trilogy: Chocolate! »Read more
  Monday, 6 Jul 2009 | 2:52 PM ET

Recession Special: Wine Cheaper Than Water!

Posted ByCindy Perman
First, lobster dropped to lunch-meat prices. Now, wine is cheaper than water! So, you know what you have to do to beat this recession, right? Have a feast! »Read more

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  • The news can get a little heavy sometimes, with debt crises, vicious markets and crappy earnings reports. So, we dispatched our crack reporter, Cindy Perman, to find some levity amid all this seriousness. Why a Pony? To be clear, there were no ponies harmed in the making of this blog. The blog’s name, “There Must Be a Pony In Here Somewhere,” comes from an old joke, a favorite of Ronald Reagan’s, that essentially means, with a pile of you-know-what this big, there MUST be a pony — a bright side — in here somewhere!

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