CNBC Internship Program

Power Lunch Production Internship

Interns on the "Power Lunch" production team get the opportunity to experience the real responsibilities associated with producing live television, while working alongside a close and supportive team. You'll get the chance to see how a live show makes it to air, and you will be an integral part of the process. Interns have a range of responsibilities, including a daily segment called "Street Talk," which you will be responsible for producing. You'll also work closely with senior members of the production team on various assignments for the show. This gives you a chance to see the different roles and talents each team member brings to the process. Best of all: You'll get to experience the control room. Throughout your internship, you'll get several opportunities to sit in the control and see the final product of your hard work.

Interning for "Power Lunch" is an amazing and extremely valuable experience. If you are highly motivated and have a desire to learn about production while gaining hands-on experience, then "Power Lunch" is the perfect place for you.