Predictions 2011
Predictions 2011: Sharon Epperson on Commodities
Commodities will continue to rally, silver will over take gold and other metals will, such as copper, will also trade higher.
Predictions 2011: Melissa Francis On Energy
Crude oil prices surge past $100 a barrel, ntural gas will sputter and the dollar will sink.
Predictions 2011: Julia Boorstin On Media
Facebook will get bigger, 3-D technology will lose popularity with viewers and celebrities will monitize their brands.
Predictions 2011: Jon Fortt On Technology
Oracle makes hardware acquisitions, Carol Bartz tames Yahoo and the Android overtakes iPhone in sales.
Predictions 2011: Bertha Coombs on Health Care
Congress will tweak but not repeal health care legislation, insurers won't take a bit hit from reform measures, sector consolidation will continue and China will drive growth for drug and device makers.
Predictions 2011: Albert Bozzo On The Economy
Economic growth will be subpar, the jobless rate drifts lower, deflation remains a concern, deficit reduction goes nowhere and heads roll in Washington.
Predictions 2011: Darren Rovell On Sports
Tiger Woods ' game will cause business probems for the PGA,  3D TVs will not make a dent and social-media coordinator will be the new hot job in sports.
Predictions 2011: Diana Olick On Real Estate
Housing starts will increase, home inventories hit a new high, the office and apartment rental markets  pick up, GSE reform gets sidelined and spring tells all for the troubled housing market.
Predictions 2011: Gary Kaminsky On IPOs And Bonds
Bonds will boom, IPO market will slow and hiring will be slow.
Predictions 2011: Patti Domm On Markets And The Economy
The economy will sputter along, the dollar could go higher and stocks may rise.
Predictions 2011: Herb Greenberg On Stocks And Companies
Beware of Chinese IPOs, ETFs, GM and Netflix, as 2010's winners hit hard times in 2011.
Predictions 2011: Bob Pisani On Stocks
The US economy will improve, the gold bubble will pop and the US bond market will decline.
Predictions 2011: John Carney On Wall Street
The European crisis will continue,   Jamie Dimon will retire and the municipal debt situation will get worse.
Predictions 2011: Christina Cheddar Berk On Retail
Holiday sales will be better, some teen retailers will begin to disappear and more retailers will go private.
Predictions 2011: Matt Nesto On State Budgets And Banks
Major cities and states will default on their debt, mortgage-backed securities will hurt banks again, the Fed will go beyond QE2 and a new nuclear power plant building boom will begin.
Predictions 2011: Scott Cohn On Crime
Backlash to corporate crime will grow, the heat will grow on the Madoff family and the financial crisis will be forgotten.
Predictions 2011: Guy Johnson On European Markets
The euro weakens further against the dollar, the Bank of England undertakes its own QE2, Greece decides to restructure it debt and a surprise over the leadership of the European Central Bank.
Predictions 2011: Brian Shactman On Inflation And Retailers
Inflation becomes evident, consolidation looms in the consumer products sector, pressure grows on Kraft and its CEO and Johnson & Johnson looks positioned for a rebound.
Predictions 2011: Vault On The Job Market
The unemployment rate will remain stubbornly high, more financial sector professionals will seek employment in China and vocational education will become more popular, according to the editors at
Predictions 2011: Steve Liesman On The Economy
Interest rates are flat, TARP pays for itself and the Euro holds steady .
Predictions 2011: The Big Picture
CNBC convened an adhoc editorial board to come up with a few pressing questions to put to five of our most seasoned members—who also happen to be very bright and highly opinionated—for what we call "The Big Picture."