Predictions: Looking ahead to 2014


  • Exterior of the New York Stock Exchange

    The wolf really may be coming to Wall Street. While Hollywood has a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio as the "wolf," the real one may be a regulator.

  • Investment Options

    2013 was a year to forget for many hedge funds. What lies ahead? Look out for more advertisers, short sellers and mutual funds. CNBC's Lawrence Delevingne shares his predictions.

  • The social media effect: Retailers continue to be a big beneficiary of Pinterest.

    What lies ahead for social media? User-generated content will be embraced as brands cut through the clutter and create more engaging experiences. Apu Gupta, CEO of Curalate shares his predictions.

  • Tiger Woods: Getting in the swing for a major victory in 2014

    Will the arms race in baseball finally come to a breaking point? Will the NFL regain its mojo? What lies ahead in sports is not a sure bet. CNBC's Dominic Chu offers his insights.

  • An American icon: the Apple store in Manhattan

    The key to understanding Apple's 2014 strategy is its cohesive cross-device operating ecosystem that is driving sales and product development. Jason Stein, of Laundry Service, shares his predictions.