Legislation Regulations

  • Euro bills and coins

    Did euro area policymakers finally pull a real live rabbit out of the hat? The headlines from Friday's summit are certainly impressive, advancing much quicker than expected and delivering the surprise of allowing the EFSF to intervene in the primary debt markets.

  • The coal fueled Fiddlers Ferry power station emits vapour into the night sky on November 16, 2009 in Warrington, United Kingdom.

    The world's biggest nuclear power is France, where 58 plants generate 75 percent of the nation's electricity.

  • Raj Rajaratnam co-founder of the Galleon Group hedge fund.

    At least as noteworthy as what attorneys did say in two-and-a-half hours of opening statements in the Raj Rajaratnam insider trading trial is what they did not say.

  • TARP_cop_raid_200.jpg

    The inspector general for TARP has 45 investigators across the country empowered to carry guns and badges, and 27 vehicles with sirens and lights. Known as SIGTARP agents, they are empowered to make arrests, and they’ve done just that 23 times, a spokesman said.

  • traders_computer_display_200.jpg

    Demand is growing for "synthetic" financial instruments that enable investors to take positions in the US junk bond market without owning the underlying securities.

  • suze_badge_10yrs.jpg

    Suze Orman says a reverse mortgage can end up sinking you financially, saying the biggest risk with a reverse mortgage is that you do not stand in the truth of your situation.

  • I am in the middle of reading a book from 2008 that more or less "predicted" the unrest that we're now witnessing in the Middle East and North Africa.

  • Senate Committee on Banking Housing and Urban Affairs hearing during which Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke delivers second semi-annual report on monetary policy.

    Perhaps the greatest mystery in the world of finance and economics is why Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke refuses to acknowledge that paper money creation by central banks produced the “global savings glut.”

  • European_Union_flag2_200.jpg

    European banking regulators are preparing to introduce a “near fail” category into the new stress test process as part of a mechanism to force recapitalizations on weaker banks, the Financial Times reported.

  • stock_markets_index_200.jpg

    Investors should be cautious and not just "buy the market"; many companies perform better in changing and changed economic circumstances and therefore as the sugar rush initiated in the first quarter of 2009 fades, this is the discipline that investors should once more return to.

  • gherkin_crane_200.jpg

    The chief executive of UBS has attacked the UK government for its public neglect of the City of London, warning that tougher regulations will see  investment banking business go to Asia and the US. The FT reports.

  • Rep. Ryan Paul from Wisconsin

    Republicans will present a plan to Congress next month to deal with the deficit by cutting entitlements, Rep. Paul Ryan, (R-Wisc.), chairman of the House Budget Committee, told CNBC Wednesday.

  • police_officer_arrest_200.jpg

    Hamstrung by shrinking budgets, the police say the volunteers are indispensable in dealing with low-level offenses and allow sworn officers to focus on more pressing crimes and more violent criminals. The New York Times reports.

  • Rajat Gupta

    The Securities and Exchange Commission's charges against ex-Goldman Sachs board member Rajat Gupta on insider trading is yet another blow to investor confidence, Matthew Halbower, CEO and chief investment officer of hedge fund Pentwater Capital Management, told CNBC Tuesday.

  • Mortgage

    At least two federal regulators confirm they have reached an agreement on the terms of a Qualified Residential Mortgage, according to government sources.

  • Shares of Yoku, the Chinese Internet video company, may have been saved from a severe drop today by a new SEC rule on short selling.

  • No Title_38346682

    In the last few weeks, a number of big banks have successfully bundled and sold new securities backed by commercial real estate loans. The NYT Reports.

  • Cash and gold

    Italian banks, which are shareholders in the country’s central bank, want to have their stakes in the Bank of Italy marked-to-market on the back of surging gold prices.

  • gavel.jpg

    The Senate on Monday will begin debating a bill that critics say will undermine American strength abroad, plunder the United States economy and exceed the government’s constitutional authority. The subject: patent reform. The New York Times reports.

  • Wall_St_protests_generic_200.jpg

    JPMorgan Chase has raised its voice in the chorus of banks objecting to how the Fed is interpreting the Durbin amendment. Durbin is an amendment to the Dodd-Frank Act that would cut fees merchants pay on debit cards.