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  • David Einhorn

    Near-zero interest rates represent a very dangerous long-term policy, says David Einhorn, president of Greenlight Capital, who asserts that regulators have learned the wrong lessons from the latest financial crisis.

  • The company said Friday that current President Baxter Phillips will replace Blankenship.

  • google 111 eighth avenue

    In the biggest real estate deal of the year, Google signed a contract on Thursday to buy one of the largest office buildings in Manhattan for more than $1.8 billion, according to two real estate executives who have been briefed on the deal, the New York Times reports.

  • Some investors think it gives them an edge, but Cramer says it’s a waste of time. And it ain’t worth the prison sentence.

  • Empty Wallet

    We cannot balance the budget by soaking the rich or the middle class, and we cannot do it by turning our backs on the truly needy. We must find the right balance of tax increases that do not impede incentives for economic growth, spending cuts that are phased in over time to reduce the impact on those in need, and eliminating or reducing unnecessary or bloated government programs.

  • Health care protestor.

    Congress will tweak but not repeal health care legislation, insurers won't take a bit hit from reform measures, sector consolidation will continue and China will drive growth for drug and device makers.

  • America's "Number 1 domestic problem," the federal deficit, took center stage on Wednesday morning as President Obama's bipartisan deficit commission released its findings. Some members of the 18-member bipartisan deficit commission, appearing on CNBC Wednesday, weighed in with their thoughts. To read the full report,

  • laptop_nighttime_200.jpg

    The Federal Trade Commission advocated a plan on Wednesday that lets consumers on the Internet choose whether they want information about their browsing habits to be collected, an option known as “do not track.” The New York Times reports.

  • FED_RESERVE3.jpg

    The Fed's massive data disclosure on which institutions got bailout money will be interesting from a historical standpoint but unlikely to be meaningful for investors.

  • Soda

    As Congress considers new ways to cut spending, here's one idea health advocates are pushing: prevent people on food stamps from using benefits to buy sweetened sodas.

  • America_Stop_Spending_badge02.jpg

    After decades of overspending, Americans seem to be finally understanding that trillion dollar deficits have long-term consequences and must be addressed.

  • If your kids shoot canned whipped cream in their mouths, think twice before keeping White Lightning, an alcohol-infused dessert topping, in the family fridge.

  • capitol_building_3_200.jpg

    The Food and Drug Administration would have to step up inspections of food plants under legislation the Senate is expected to pass this week.

  • global_markets_9_200.jpg

    The world is on the brink of another financial crisis if the economic theories shaping today’s financial and public policy are not killed off, John Quiggin, author of "Zombie Economics: How Dead Ideas Still Walk Among Us," told CNBC Friday.

  • Gavel

    Tom DeLay, one of the most powerful and divisive Republican lawmakers ever to come out of Texas, was convicted Wednesday of money-laundering charges in a state trial, five years after his indictment here forced him to resign as majority leader in the House of Representatives, the New York Times reports.

  • Drop Side Crib recalled by Jardine Enterprise

    On Wednesday, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is scheduled to vote to create a new, publicly accessible database of safety complaints that is intended to make it easier for consumers to learn about problems with a product, the New York Times reports.

  • Fortunately, the important news from Spain is good and the recent market punishment, which has seen sovereign spreads to Germany rise substantially, is unwarranted.

  • President Barack Obama

    From health care to fin reg to the EPA, it appears that the Obama administration has had an agenda and has not deviated from that agenda despite the economy.

  • GWB_book.jpg

    I recently sat down with George W. Bush to discuss his new book, Decision Points. With the greatest respect to the former president, he and I disagreed on a number of issues, and let each other know about it.

  • Plus, a call on the market’s top high-growth stocks.