Legislation Regulations

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    Nearly five months after the May 6 Flash Crash, many individual investors see the stock market as rigged, and they have little confidence in regulators to fix it, according to a CNBC/AP poll.

  • Forget the bears, Cramer said. Pay attention to these bullish signs.

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    It doesn't do anything to address the problems that led to the financial crisis.

  • Ah, the good old days of 1960. It was pretty simple then. Not so in 2010. Here's a brief history.

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    Confidence among average investors is slowly returning after being severely damaged by the financial crisis and the "flash crash" earlier this year, James Gorman, CEO and president or Morgan Stanley, told CNBC Monday

  • More than half of all stock trades are the result high-frequency trading. Does that put the system at risk?

  • There are nearly 50 trading venues. Customers can interact in all of them--making today's trading so complicated.

  • High-frequency trading has spawned a new breed of market mavens far different than the traditional Wall Street titans.

  • The May 2010 Flash Crash helped draw attention to how fragmented the stock market has become and how potentially illiquid it can be in an era of high-speed, computer trading.

  • There's a whole new universe of new places to trade and new players doing the trading. How has it changed, and why? What does it mean for you?

  • Worries about the role ETFs play in changing the nature of how people invest and the market’s high correlation to itself.

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    The days of shares "changing hands' are long gone. Now it is man and machine, and sometimes, man vs. machine.  Here's a look at the  players, companies, technologies and trading platforms.

  • Are NYSE and Nasdaq conflicted? They serve both shareholders, and investors, to whom they must maintain a transparent marketplace.

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    The new Basel banking regulations are unlikely to have a major effect on US banks—giving them an edge over their global rivals, Rochdale Securities analyst Dick Bove said.

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    Do you believe it? Do you believe that despite all our past failures to regulate the banking sector to avoid crises that this time it will be different, that this time we finally got it right?

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    Citigroup executives will meet with financial analyst Mike Mayo, who has fiercely criticized the bank over the past two years, on Oct. 1, Mayo told CNBC Monday.

  • The historic banking reforms agreed in Basel over the weekend are pointless and won't stop the next crisis destined to hit the markets, Alpesh Patel, principal at Praefinium Partners, told CNBC Monday.

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    On Wall Street, becoming a partner at Goldman Sachs is considered the equivalent of winning the lottery, the New York Times reports.

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    Top central bankers and bank regulators agreed Sunday on far-reaching new rules for the global banking industry that are designed to avert future financial disasters, but could also dampen bank profits and strain weaker institutions. The NYT reports.

  • It’s only a matter of time, Cramer said.