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Rich Ilczyszyn

iiTrader Founder & Chief Market Strategist

Rich Ilczyszyn is Founder and Chief Market Strategist of iiTrader, a leading Chicago-based trading firm. A veteran of the futures and options markets, Rich has more than 15 years of experience trading on behalf of clients, as well as his own account. Rich ran one of the largest retail and institutional commodities desks while at Lind-Waldock where he focused on the energy, agriculture and precious metals sectors. He was also a member at the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), a licensed floor broker and a proprietary trader at Shatkin, Arbor Co. In the DOW futures pit.

Rich's career in the markets began as a supervisor on the institutional treasury bond arbitrage desk at the CBOT, where he was responsible for executing up to $1 billion in notional value per day. His commentary and analysis is frequently cited by financial media, including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Reuters and Yahoo Finance!, among others. Rich is a CNBC contributor and has been part of "Futures Now" since its launch. His firm, iiTrader offers a high-touch, flat-price alternative to large traditional brokerages.



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