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  • Forward-thinking minds in science and tech are taking the integration of high-tech device and human body further than ever. Much further.

  • A look at the growing industry of home automation, and smart homes; what's on the market today, and what's to come in the not-too-distant future.

  • Tom Coates and his magnet-attached iPad

    From a fridge that reminds you to buy milk to a dryer that lets you know the laundry is done, houses are getting smart.

  • By: Tiffany Champion, Production Associate

    The cloud: an all-encompassing tech buzz word. But what does it mean? And how does it impact consumers? A datafarm in Las Vegas might have the answer.

  • A nurse takes care of a premature baby.
    By: Michael Beyman, Associate Producer

    A research project that gathers more information from hospital monitors than ever before is improving the prognosis of premature infants.

  • Someone is watching you ... at home

    See how one man uses sensors to easily and affordably control almost every aspect of his home. His house even has its own Twitter account.

  • Hearts beating disease

    Through a vast and ambitious heart study, Dr. Jeffrey Olgin of the University of California, San Francisco hopes to track participants using smartphones and supercomputers in an effort to detect telltale signs of early heart disease.

  • The new designated 'driver'?

    Leave the driving…to your car. As the quest for self-driving cars speeds up, engineers and automakers are programming cars to not only drive themselves, but also communicate with other vehicles, traffic lights and their environment. Will computers be better drivers than people?

  • Sensored City

    Thousands of cameras and sensors monitor the city of Rio de Janiero around the clock in an effort to ease traffic, thwart crime, avoid catastrophe, and save lives.

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  • From refrigerators to freight trains, CNBC’s “Rise of the Machines” shows you how a new generation of connected machines can now speak to us, and each other.

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