Rise of the Robots


  • The robots of the future could take the weight off a soldier's shoulders, that typically carry more than 100 pounds (45 kilograms) of gear.

  • An attendee looks at a YuMi robot, manufactured by ABB Ltd.

    A "revolutionary" new generation of robots is able to work alongside humans on the factory floor.

  • Using 3-D printing to deliver tailor-made goods is a trend that is gathering pace.

  • It's the robot revolution

    CNBC's Phil Han reports from the Hannover Messe tradefair and uncovers what new robotic technology could drastically change our lives

  • Ready to ditch the plug?

    One automaker is developing an electric charging platform that can charge your electric car wirelessly. Phil Han reports.

  • Bionic ants and robot butterflies may sound surreal, but they are part of the vision one German firm has for the factories of the future.

  • Baxter robots

    The use of robotics in industry is nearing a take-off point that could trigger a surge in productivity gains in the years ahead, some experts say.

  • India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi hoped to woo investors and deepen trade links with Germany at an industrial fair in Hannover Monday.

  • Rise of the robotic ants

    CNBC's Phil Han reports from Hannover Messe on how one company is turning to nature for robotic techology.

  • Beer and tap

    At the annual Hannover Messe trade fair in Germany, CNBC's Phil Han spoke to Otmar Honsberg from Kuka on the company's robotic arm bartender.

  • Robots aren't just for movies, but are now helping us with our daily routines. CNBC looks at how film favorites ended up on this side of the screen.

  • MEDi the robot.

    Meet MEDi, the friendly robot designed to make painful procedures such as blood tests or vaccines stress-free for children.

About Rise of the Robots

  • As the world's leading industrial technology companies gather in Germany for the Hannover Messe, CNBC looks at how automation is transforming business.