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Sandra Aldama

"We are making something different. …Step by step, we are growing and learning. We are standing up." -Sandra Aldama

Business: D'Brujas

Current Occupation: Artisanal Soap Maker

Previous Occupation: Hairdresser

Sandra creates homemade organic soaps and shampoos out of a "modest kitchen," a skill she learned from her grandmother who'd worked in a cosmetics factory before the Revolution. Sandra started her business by buying natural French Marseille soap from the government, putting it through a cheese grater and melting it down.

Sandra chose the name, "D'Brujas," because, as she explains, "witches make magical potions with plants." She now offers 10 different types of soap and sells them for $2 - $2.50 each.

Marcus' Takeaway: "It doesn't matter that it is soap. What matters is that Sandra wanted to generate commerce and they figured out how to do it."

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