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  • Shoppers chose from organic fruits and vegetables at a supermarket.

    Grocery store Daily Table is on a mission to sell healthy food so cheap it can compete with fast food.

  • Aicheria Bell is taking on hair-braiding licensing laws in Iowa.

    Small businesses are taking on regulations, as government red tape has intensified. From "cookie bans" to hours of work training, the list of rules is long.

  • Businesses push back against regulations

    In one state, you can end up in jail for up to six months for selling baked goods. Inside the world of small business regulations.

  • Small business

    More small businesses report stronger performance, though tough lending conditions persist, according to new Federal Reserve data.

  • Polling place

    A whopping 60% of small-biz owners plan to vote in the election. They want their voices heard in Washington. A survey reveals their top pick.

  • Chart down

    Venture investors are paying up to 40 percent less for software start-ups than they were a year ago, according to this VC.

  • Shyp

    Find out how this new, on-demand service is taking the headache out of packing up and sending back your returns.

  • A worker at the Half Full Brewery in Stamford, Conn.

    Small brewers, like Half Full in Connecticut, are seeing big growth, and that means thousands of new jobs for the industry over the next few years.

  • TaskRabbit pushes consumer expectation

    If you need someone to stand in line for you at the passport office, online chore market place "TaskRabbit" can help you. The app has a new feature - it will confirm within five minutes, reports CNBC's Kate Rogers.

  • Fashion designer small business

    U.S. small business confidence declined further in February as concerns about sales growth and profits hurt capital spending and hiring plans.

  • Rabbit Tasker application on a cell phone.

    TaskRabbit CEO Leah Busque also talks about balancing growth with background checks on workers.

  • Shuttered and repossessed homes line the streets of a middle-class neighborhood on the east side of Detroit.

    In a unique Detroit housing program, select lenders are offering guaranteed second mortgages as a way to make up for appraisal gaps.

  • A pin given to veterans who now work for PwC.

    The skills gained in the military are helping veterans succeed in cybersecurity.

  • Ken Quran, a convenience store owner in North Carolina, has had more than $100,000 seized by the IRS.

    A convenience store owner who had his bank account seized under an IRS policy meant to target drug dealers and money launderers will be repaid in full.

  • Randy Sowers, a dairy farmer in Maryland, is trying to get back the full $63,000 that he says was wrongly seized by the IRS four years ago.

    A dairy farmer and a convenience store owner are working to get back their cash they say was wrongfully seized by the IRS years ago.

  • Shoppers chose from organic fruits and vegetables at a supermarket.

    Linda Mallers, a Wisconsin mother of four, tells CNBC how she turned a P.T.A fundraiser into a business that helps local farmers.