Steve Stevens

Steve Stevens is the hyper-charged fast-talking handicapper behind VIP Sports featured in CNBC's new reality series, "Money Talks." Stevens has been picking games professionally for the past 15 years and claims he gets it right more than 60 percent of the time.

When Steve Stevens isn't selling new clients or entertaining high rollers, he goes by his given name, Darin Notaro.

Notaro was born and raised in Las Vegas. His dad made a living dealing craps and his mom sang at the Sundance Hotel for over 15 years.

As a young man, Notaro embraced the Vegas lifestyle: the women, the liquor, the exotic cars, the allure of easy money. At age 20, he found himself in trouble with the law. Arrested again in 1998 for his role as an employee in a telemarketing scam, he was convicted and served a year in prison and later served another year for a probation violation. Notaro wanted a fresh start. He took his passion for sports and his love of gambling and turned it into a successful business.

When he's not keeping his agents motivated or drumming up new business, he spends time with his live-in girlfriend, Kelly, her two children and their baby boy born this past October.