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  • Brian Hamburger of MarketCounsel points to the parts of the SEC's Form ADV that can help consumers choose the right financial advisor.

  • personal finance bills debt worries

    Financial advisor Stacy Francis advocates a "triple defense" against taxes: deferring income and upping both deductions and investments.

  • investment retirement stocks

    The 4% investment withdrawal rate in favor since the early 1990s no longer guarantees retirement income, says Betterment CEO Jon Stein.

  • Workers don't take full advantage of employers' 401(k) plans, which means leaving money on the table, says Rich Coppa of Wealth Health.

  • Scales rebalancing

    Taking the time to rebalance your portfolio will ensure that your investment goals are still on track as life events occur.

  • Home house suburban

    Thanks to rising home prices, a better credit environment and low interest-rate yields, now is a great time to refinance a home mortgage.

  • Years of record-breaking market highs have led investors to forget that accepting risk is inherent in any long-term investment strategy.

  • It’s never too early to involve your children in money matters.

  • 1040, Tax return, tax code, IRS, taxes

    There are fewer tax-code changes for 2014, but the expiration of 48-plus tax breaks might leave students, retirees and homeowners cold.

  • Target date

    Target-date funds are considered a simple solution for retirement savers to invest with a hands-off approach.

  •  locked money, 401K, piggy bank, retirement, illiquid

    What if you are strapped for cash? Geri Pell explains why it may be a smart (sometimes) financial move to borrow from yourself.

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