CNBC Internship Program

David A. Grogan | CNBC

Strategic Content Internship

The Strategic Content department is CNBC's only cross-platform team, creating editorial content for on-air and online ( publication. Our department produces a packed editorial calendar of special reports covering core CNBC topics: investing, technology, entrepreneurship and more. We also produce several of CNBC's biggest annual editorial brands, including the CNBC Disruptor 50 list and CNBC's Top States for Business. A Strategic Content internship provides students with the opportunity to write for the web and learn about producing for TV. Our team mentors include digital editors, television producers and those focused on business development/news partnerships. Internships with our team have historically focused on writing articles for, offering interns a portfolio of clips to further their journalism career goals. We're looking for candidates eager to prove they have what it takes to become a reporter in a highly competitive, fast-moving news business — motivated, confident students who will pitch story ideas and see those ideas through to publication in a variety of formats, including quick turnaround pieces on the news of the day, features and research-based articles. We will also gear internships to television production or business development for the right candidate. All interns have the opportunity to contribute cross-platform. Journalism experience is preferred, but candidates with a background in business/finance and a passion for writing and producing are encouraged to apply.

I still remember driving up in the shuttle the first time, looking out the window, seeing the colorful sign reading "CNBC," and getting goosebumps. What might be more amazing than that moment is the fact that the novelty never faded throughout the entirety of my internship at the Special Reports Desk.

The word "internship" is often short for tediously making thousands of photocopies on a printer or buying everyone in the office coffee. At CNBC, this word is taken rather seriously. I published 8 articles during my 4 months at the company, one of which was #1 on the homepage for a couple of hours.

My Editor, Eric Rosenbaum, told me to pursue the stories that interested me my first day at work. Throughout my time there, he taught me not only how to better (transform) my writing, but how to find sources, make charts, pick photography, choose headlines, and think about SEO, to name a few. Eric had enough confidence in me that when I told him I saw a toothbrush ad in the subway, and I wanted to go visit the headquarters for a story, he didn't tell me I was crazy — he told me to go.

Working at The Special Reports Desk was the opportunity of a lifetime. Getting to sit next to and laugh with 14 professionals who are kind, talented, and eager to give you advice and share their opinions is nothing to sneeze at. CNBC and the people there didn't tell me about journalism — they showed me how to do journalism, and they showed me how to go after the ideas and the people that excite me. There's a reason those four letters on a sign give a person goosebumps, and this internship let me experience that firsthand.

Thank you for everything you all are doing at CNBC. It was hard putting into words how much I appreciated my time there, and I'm looking forward to finishing my application for the Associate program. :)