Susan Byrne

Founder and vice chairwoman of the board at Westwood Holdings Group

Byrne is founder and vice chairwoman of Westwood Holdings Group, a registered investment advisor, trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: WHG). Byrne had been CIO from inception until 2011. She retired as an employee in June 2015 and now serves as a consultant.

Founded in 1983, Westwood serves a variety of clients worldwide, such as corporate pension funds, religious organizations, endowments, foundations and high net-worth individuals out of three locations — Dallas, Omaha and Toronto. In addition, Westwood is the investment advisor to The Westwood Funds, a family of open-ended mutual funds. Byrne serves on the boards of Westwood Management and Westwood International Advisors (WIA), WHG subsidiaries and the Westwood Investment Funds plc. Westwood Holdings Group currently manages over $20 billion in assets.

She also acts as an advisor to Westwood Trust, WHG's subsidiary serving high net-worth investors. Westwood Trust offers trust and investment services through the use of commingled funds and customized portfolios.


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