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  • Best calls: Jeanette

    Jeanette in Colorado tells Suze her live-in boyfriend won't sign a co-habitation agreement. She wants to know how she can protect the six properties she owns.

  • Best calls: Peter

    Peter in Pennsylvania tells Suze he and his spouse do not have 20 percent to put down on a new home. He wants to know what his options are to avoid PMI.

  • Best Calls, continued: Kim

    Kim in Florida asks Suze whether she should continue asking her fiance for his financials and a pre-nup.

  • Best calls: Pat

    Pat in Pennsylvania tells Suze his son and his son's wife keep running up credit card debt. He says he's bailed him out once, and wants to know how he can help them out.

  • Can I Afford It? Laura

    Laura, who's 38, asks Suze if she can afford to spend $110,000 to create an outdoor living space at her home.

  • Can I Afford It? Carla

    Carla, who's 44, asks Suze if she can afford to spend $1,000 on an iPad Air and accessories.

  • Can I Afford It? Call Back; Sandra

    Sandra, who's 46, asks Suze if she can afford to spend $1,699 on 1CT diamond studs.

  • Can I Afford It? Matt

    Matt, who's 31, asks Suze if he can afford to spend $4,000 to run in the Boston Marathon and take a vacation with his girlfriend.

  • Suze's top rules for buying a home

    Tips for home buyers that will help you find the right home for your bank account.

  • 1-on-One: Tish

    When Tish from Memphis first appeared on the show, she asked for an intervention to help her stop spending more money than she made. She returns to update Suze on the changes she's made since her Suze Smackdown.

  • Can I afford it? Zach

    Zach, who's 15, asks Suze if he can afford to spend $800 on a VIP moped.

  • Suze call: Keziah

    Keziah in Maryland says she and her boyfriend want to postpone buying an engagement ring to buy him a Harley. She says she has great credit and wants to know if she should cosign?

  • Suze Call: Mary

    Mary from Montana tells Suze she's overextended and needs to refinance. She wants to know how she should shop for the best refinance rates without hurting her FICO score.

  • How well do you know your money?

    Take Suze's simple pop quiz and find out.

  • Suze Call: Emilie

    Emilie from Pennsylvania tells Suze her best friend is in medical school and has student loan debt. Collection agencies are calling and she wants to know what he should focus on first.

  • Can I Afford It? Fernando

    Fernando, who's 14, asks Suze if he can afford to spend $250 on a Numark Mixtrack Pro 2.

  • 1-on-One: Suze intervention

    Tish, a social worker, spends more money than she makes and can't afford to pay her bills. She comes to Suze for an intervention.

  • The cost of being a parent

    The high cost of putting your child's wants before your own needs.

  • Suze Call: Christine

    Christine in Pennsylvania says she cosigned her brother's student loans and that he's been paying them for 10+ years. She wants to know if she'll ever be released.

  • Can I Afford It? Gracey

    Gracey, who's 35, asks Suze if she can afford to take a $12,000 family trip to Italy.

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