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  • Swiss banking industry needs to change: Vontobel CEO

    Zeno Staub, CEO of Vontobel, expects a lot of consolidation in the industry in the near term. He states that his bank will remain independent, but did not rule out making acquisitions in the future.

  •  Why we kept rates on hold: SNB

    Thomas Jordan, chairman of the Swiss National Bank (SNB), discusses today's rate decision, telling CNBC that the country's inflation and economic outlook remains unchanged.

  • SNB chairman on the minimum exchange rate

    Thomas Jordan, chairman of the Swiss National Bank, explains why discontinuing the minimum exchange rate was the right decision.

  • Amid a sharp selloff in the bond market, players in Europe's low-yielding papers have gotten their fingers burned, big time.

  • Bond markets have sold off globally, but there's an odd duck standout: the negative-yielding, Swiss-franc-denominated bond recently sold by Poland.

  • Dollar Euro

    The dollar dropped to an eight-week low after a weak U.S. consumer confidence report.

  • Euro

    The dollar edged upward after a jump in U.S. home sales data lifted expectations Federal Reserve policymakers may soon hike interest rates.

  • U.S. Currency

    Rebounding from steep losses in the previous session on a cautious Fed statement on interest rates, the dollar rose broadly.

  • A Swiss franc and euro banknotes

    Switzerland’s sudden axing of its exchange rate cap in January has not harmed the central bank’s reputation, its chairman told CNBC on Thursday.

  • SNB's credibility hasn't suffered: Chair

    Thomas Jordan, chairman of the Swiss National Bank, says it's now obvious that scrapping the FX cap in January was "the right decision."

  • SNB Chairman: 'We are very transparent'

    When asked whether the Swiss National Bank is transparent enough, Thomas Jordan, chairman of the SNB, stressed it was accountable to parliament.

  • SNB: Inflation is lower than our target

    Thomas Jordan, chairman of the Swiss National Bank, says he hopes inflation will move higher over time.

  • Riksbank cuts rates to be on 'safe side'

    Riksbank has cut its rates again -- to negative 0.25 percent. Stefan Ingves, Governor of Sveriges Riksbank, said they weren't in a currency war, but that inflation has been quite low for a while, and the Riksbank wants to be on "the safe side."

  • Why was the SNB's dramatic rate cut a good move?

    Jonathan Webb, head of FX strategy at Jefferies, talks about the Swiss National Bank's decision to cut rates and how it relates to the weakening euro and strong U.S. dollar.

  • The dollar jumped to an 11-1/2 year high as U.S. employment growth bolstered market sentiment that the Fed was closer to raising interest rates.

  • Shanghai Stock Exchange

    Some central banks have cut interest rates into negative territory to eke out economic growth, but unintended, counterproductive outcomes may emerge.

  • Traders work the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

    European markets are doing well, despite the recent clashes between Greece and the euro zone.

  • How did the SNB shock impact top firms?

    CNBC talks to the CEOs of Credit Suisse and Zurich Insurance, and Switzerland's Economy Minister about the Swiss National Bank's decision to drop its currency peg last month.

  • Leda Braga, who manages Systematica Investments' BlueTrend fund.

    The most powerful woman in hedge funds is off to a red-hot start at the helm of her own firm.

  • Is Denmark the next Switzerland?

    James Ashley, chief economist at RBC Capital Markets, says Denmark is a completely "different kettle of fish" to Switzerland.