CNBC Internship Program

David A. Grogan | CNBC

Technical Operations Internship

Technical Operations offers a competitive position for students to learn about live production in a hands-on approach. We are a nonunion facility that gives interns ample opportunity to get to operate equipment during their observation hours.

Our program is designed for our interns to explore all areas of Technical Operations, which includes studio operations (robotics cameras, jib camera, flashcams, stedicam, video shading, barco wall operations, stage managing), control room operations (playout, prompter, technical directing, directing, audio, chyron, still store, production supervisor), transmission (coordinating all remote guests with satellite, fiber and IP based connectivity as well as giving support to CNBC Europe and Asia), editing (watching areas with quick turnaround editing at clip desk, and complicated editing as piecing long form documentaries), ingest/archiving (updating, coordinating and managing our in-house records and playout to our master control), (editing for the web) and production management (going out on location shoots, packing the trucks and building a set from scratch). Halfway through the internship, interns will decide which area they want to focus on and will proceed to complete their internship in that specific department.

Interns will also shadow certain positions in another control room and will be able to use our equipment as a learning tool without jeopardizing our on-air product.

Interns are required to hand in a weekly assignment, as well as attend weekly meetings. We hold our interns to the highest standards and are proud of our intern-to-employee success rate.

Intern testimonial:

"The internship program was an amazing learning experience. It exposed me to every technical aspect of television. Plus, I received hands-on training, great networking contacts, and an opportunity to begin a career here. The program gave me as much resources as possible to not only learn, but utilize and take advantage of the offered resources to develop sharp skills and prepare me to work at CNBC."

Fernando Silva