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  • Thai stocks tumbled as much as 3.8% in the afternoon trading session Wednesday amid worries that a string of bombings over New Year's would further shake investor confidence in the Asian nation.

  • The Bank of Thailand will monitor trading in the baht and review the impact of its tough capital control measures in mid-January, Bank of Thailand Governor Tarisa Watanagase said Friday.

  • Thai stocks are over 2% lower in the afternoon session Thursday.  Despite the disastrous intervention to halt the rise of the baht, army-appointed Thai Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont stood by his finance minister and central bank chief .

  • Hedge funds and mutual funds have poured big money into emerging markets. Which funds have the biggest exposure, if the “Thai Financial Flu” spreads? CNBC’s Melissa Lee investigated – and revealed her findings on today’s “Power Lunch.” Certainly with emerging markets on such a run recently, this is an area where many investors have seen increasing exposure.

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    As we’ve been telling you--a dramatic turn of events in Asia overnight sent Thailand's stock market plunging more than 15%. That country's government imposed capital controls in an effort to curb appreciation of the Thai currency--the Baht. The market reaction was so brutal, that just a few hours ago—Thailand’s government started to back-peddle.....