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  • Adultery website targets China's cheating hearts

    Noel Biderman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of adultery website Ashley Madison explains the firm's concept: connecting global cheaters worldwide.

  • A screen shows the picture of the sentence of Chinese politician Bo Xilai (Center) on September 22, 2013 in Beijing, China.

    The trial of disgraced Chinese politician Bo Xilai got underway in Jinan on Thursday, with a guilty verdict for charges of corruption and the abuse of power.

  • Bo Xilai is being treated with kid gloves: Prp

    Willy Lam, Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong thinks disgraced Chinese politician Bo Xilai is being treated too leniently as a result of a possible deal with Xi Jinping's administration.

  • A flurry of data out of China on Friday broadly painted an upbeat picture of the world's second largest economy, which appears to be stabilizing after two years of slowing growth.

  • Why do Chinese equities keep getting cheaper?

    Wendy Liu, Head of China Equity Research at Nomura, explains her views on Chinese stocks and why Friday's economic data will be more important than Thursday's trade data.

  • What's behind China's mixed PMI data?

    Frederic Neumann, MD & Co-Head of Asian Economics Research at HSBC says that China's credit crunch hurt smaller firms, and that's why HSBC's PMI figure is lower than the official reading.

  • Why China's official PMI figure is 'no big deal'

    Peter Morici, Professor at University of Maryland explains why China's better-than-expected official PMI figure of 50.3 isn't statistically significant.

  • Top picks in China's internet sector

    Kevin Chen, Contributing Analyst to the Motley Fool describes China's rapidly expanding games industry and explains why he is bullish on game developer Changyou.

  • Can Japan actually hit its 2%inflation target?

    Masayuki Kichikawa, MD & Chief Japan Economist at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch discusses the latest inflation numbers from Japan and the state of the economy.

  • What happens if China misses its 7% growth target?

    Michael Kurtz, Global Head of Equity Strategy at Nomura analyzes the consequences of slower growth in the mainland and describes why he thinks a stimulus package is out of the question.

  • China's education sector, a new hotspot?

    Louis Hsieh, CFO of New Oriental Education and Technology Group describes how more Chinese students are going back to school in light of a diminishing domestic job market.

  • Yen strength following Sunday's election has defied expectations of further currency weakness and left the yen once again drifting away from the key 100-mark versus the dollar.

  • Abe's top priority is the economic: Advisor

    Koichi Hamada, Special Economics Advisor to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Professor of Economics at Yale University discusses Abe's reform agenda.

  • How China's lending rate move will impact liquidity

    Helen Qiao, Managing Director & Chief Economist, Greater China at Morgan Stanley thinks China's move of removing the lending rate floor is a symbolic act with limited short-term benefits.

  • Honda builds the world's fastest lawn mower

    Honda's newest vehicle was designed to chew up the competition - literally. Appropriately dubbed the "mean mower," it can from 0 to 60 miles per hour in four seconds.

  • Expect LDP victory in Sunday elections: Pro

    Jeff Kingston, Professor at Temple University-Japan discusses how Japan's upper-house elections over the weekend will strengthen "Abenomics."

  • Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

    If Shinzo Abe's ruling coalition wins Sunday's elections, Japan's prime minister will have a clear mandate to push ahead with his radical economic agenda.

  • Bullish on Asian property: Expert

    Carlo Sant'albano, Executive Chairman at Cushman & Wakefield explains why he's positive on the long-term performance for Asian real-estate despite the surge in home prices.

  • Instant Analysis to China's Inflation Data

    Chi Lo, Senior Strategist, Greater China, BNP Paribas Investment Partners explains how slowing economic data could hinder China's corporate profits.

  • Samsung Expectations Were Unrealistic: Pro

    James Rooney, Chairman & CEO of Market Force and Chairman of Advanced Capital Partners explains the market disappointment behind the tech giant's second-quarter earnings guidance.

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