Asia Business Day The Call

  • Why Are Hong Kong Property Stocks Rallying?

    Daniel So, Securities Strategist at Sun Hung Kai Financial explains that despite weak 2012 net profits, earnings results have been better-than-expected.

  • Hong Kong's Financial Charm

    Oliver Rust, Managing Director, Global Financial Services at Nielsen explains why there is an accelerated increase of people from China visiting Hong Kong to invest in financial products.

  • U.S. Stocks to Perform Well, But Not For The Right Reasons: Pro

    Jim Rickards, Senior Managing Director at Tangent Capital discusses his expectations for the situation in Cyprus. He further explains why he expects U.S. stocks to do well for the rest of the year.

  • Japan-EU Trade Pact Supports Abenomics: Pro

    Ed Rogers, CEO & CIO, Rogers Investment Advisors explains how Japan's free trade agreement with the European Union is part of Prime Minister Abe's strategy to revive the economy.

  • Evolution of the Music Industry

    Kelvin Wu, Principal Partner at AID Partners Capital discusses the potentials in the music industry. He says there is still a huge market of CDs and DVDs despite a growing demand for online music programs.

  • The Cyprus

    Jacob Kirkegaard, Research Fellow at Peterson Institute For International Economics explains why the situation in Cyprus will be very much of a template for the way the Euro area deals with banking crises going forward.

  • Cyprus Clarity Providing Certainty: Pro

    Tim Speiss, Chairman of Personal Wealth Advisors at EisnerAmper says that resolution and certainty is what the markets like in the case of Cyprus' bailout.

  • Risk assets across Asia rallied on Monday after Cyprus secured a last-minute deal with international lenders for a 10 billion euro ($13 billion) bailout, narrowly avoiding a collapse in the Cypriot banking system.

  • Hong Kong's Property Outlook

    Shih Wing-Ching, Founder of Centaline discusses the effects of stamp duties in Hong Kong's property market. He further explains his proposition for the city's housing policy.

  • Cyprus Will Remain in the Euro Zone: Pro

    Richard Iley, Chief Economist, Asia, BNP Paribas discusses the importance of Cyprus as an economy despite its minimal weight in Europe's overall GDP.

  • The Climate Change Debate

    Andy Ridley, co-founder and CEO of Earth Hour, discusses the challenges of sustaining a greener environment globally and how Earth Hour is raising awareness to tackle this issue.

  • Buying Tokyo Stocks Will Take More Than Easing

    Eric Sprott, CEO at Sprott Asset Management explains why promises of money printing by the Bank of Japan's new leadership isn't enough reason to buy Japanese stocks.

  • HSBC's Funny Links Between  Rugby 7s & Assets

    As the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens kicks off this weekend, Herald Van der Linde of HSBC goes over some unusual similarities between the winning rugby teams during the past few years and what it means for asset classes.

  • China's Flash PMI is Stronger Than You Think

    Donna Kwok, Greater China Economist at HSBC says that March's sharp uptick in manufacturing was four time higher than the historical average for the post-Chinese New Year rebound.

  • Expect Improved Atmospherics Between the United States and Israel: Pro

    Ziad Asali, President & Founder at American Task Force on Palestine says Obama and Netanyahu will seek to strike a balance between their countries' interests and values.

  • Hewlett-Packard's Shareholder Vote Result Underscores Disappointments: Pro

    David Eaton, Vice President of Proxy Research at Glass Lewis discusses the effects of Hewlett-Packard's board re-election.

  • Asian stocks were under pressure on Wednesday as concerns rose if a bailout deal was still possible for Cyprus while Greater Chinese shares ignored the news to outperform the market as attention turned to domestic issues.

  • Can Xi and Lew Improve U.S.-Sino Ties?

    William McCahill, Managing Director at Religare Capital Management says the common challenge for the U.S. and China is to restore mutual trust. He explains why.

  • Quantitative Easing Works Primarily Through the Sentiment Channel: Pro

    Mark Hibbs, MD & Portfolio Manager at Adamas Asset Management discusses the appeal of treasury bonds for investors when there is trouble in the economy.

  • Cypriot security guards stand outside the parliament building in Nicosia.

    New Zealand's Finance Minister says investors should not be surprised if more issues "pop up" from the euro zone, a day after a bailout plan for Cyprus that includes a levy on savers rattled markets.

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