Asia Business Day The Call

  • Singapore: Immigration Nation?

    Mark Konyn, CEO, Cathay Conning Asset Management discusses the challenges Singapore faces as the country works towards limiting foreign worker inflow and boosting domestic productivity.

  • U.S. - Japan Ties

    Tina Burrett, Assistant Professor at Temple University says Obama's position in maintaining a balanced relationship with China and Japan is not unexpected but appears to be a disappointment for Shinzo Abe.

  • Go Easy on the Easing?

    Elliot Gue, Chief Strategist, StreetAuthority explains why the combination of a sequestration and tax hikes will weigh on the U.S. economy.

  • Is 2013 a Turning Point for MGM?

    Matthew Ossolinski, Chairman, Ossolinski Holdings explains why MGM will move from being a recovering company to a growing one. He further discusses Macau's gaming growth trends, explaining why he expects the sector's operators to perform well in the next 3 to 5 years.

  • Is the Fed Taking on Too Much?

    Michael Yoshikami, Founder & CEO, Destination Wealth Management explains why he expects the U.S. Federal Reserve to scale back on their bond buying this year.

  • Dell Needs a

    Trip Chowdhry, Senior Analyst & Managing Director, Global Equities Research explains why Dell needs to reinvent itself completely to keep its market share.

  • U.S. Markets to Go Significantly Higher: Pro

    Damon Vickers, Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer at Damon Vickers and Company explains why he expects the U.S. markets to continue strengthening going forward.

  • Bullish on Markets

    Andrew Economos, MD & Head of Sovereign & Institutional Strategy Asia, JP Morgan Asset Management explains why he expects another 5 to 10% yield in equity markets for the first half of this year.

  • Taiwan: New Cabinet, New Reforms?

    Joseph Cheng, Chair Professor, City University of Hong Kong; Andrew Economos, MD & Head of Sovereign & Institutional Strategy Asia, JP Morgan Asset Management discuss the outlook for Taiwan as the country's new cabinet takes office.

  • Abenomics: a Merger Between BoJ and MoF?

    Andrew Economos, MD & Head of Sovereign & Institutional Strategy Asia, JP Morgan Asset Management says there is a blurring in the distinction between Japan's fiscal and monetary policies. He discusses Toshiro Muto's lead in the running to be the next Bank of Japan chief.

  • Does Singapore Need a More Controlled Immigration Policy?

    Wolfgang Lutz, Founder and Director, Wittgenstein Center for Demography and Global Human Capital discusses the demographic challenges in Singapore and Hong Kong.

  • Central Banks Overstretched: Analyst

    Martin Schulz, Senior Economist at Fujitsu Research Institute says that central banks are clearly overstretched and the shift is now towards fiscal policy.

  • How Low Can the Yen Go?

    Nick Verdi, Director, FX Strategy Asia Pacific ex-Japan at Barclays discusses factors that could further push the yen lower against the dollar.

  • The RedBalloon Valentine's Day Experience

    Kritie Buchanan, Acting CEO, RedBallon discusses the company's opportunities for growth in the region.

  • Rio Tinto is in an Identity Crisis: Pro

    Warren Gilman, Chairman & CEO, CEF Holdings explains why he thinks that Rio Tinto is in an identity crisis. He further discusses his short and long term calls for the stock.

  • Australian Banking Industry is Improving: Pro

    Peter Esho, Chief Market Analyst, City Index says shares of Australian banks will likely rise, and then fall after dividends are paid. He explains why.

  • Getting Strict with North Korea

    Tilman Ruff, Associate Professor at University of Melbourne explains why China's position in dealing with North Korea's nuclear tests is critical.

  • SIA¿s Still Making ¿Decent¿ Money Despite Headwinds: Analyst

    Siva Govindasamy, Asia Managing Editor at Flight Global says that as headwinds cloud the premium air travel market, SIA is shifting some of its flights to regional carrier SilkAir.

  • Weak Yen, Strong Sony Earnings?

    Jay Nelson, Senior Editor, Success Stories: Japan Executive Newsletter says Sony's improving a whole range of products and they just need a little bit more time to turn things around.

  • 2013 Recession in Europe: Pro

    Stephen Sheung, Head of Investment Strategist, SHK Private says the European economy is either going into a mild recession or a deeper one this year. He explains why.

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