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America's passionate obsession with coffee is a $30 billion industry. Go inside the world of coffee and discover everything you didn't know about the world's favorite beverage.

The coffee addiction is not an understatement. Americans crave their daily fix and drink an estimated 400 million cups a day. But, coffee is so much more than just a drink. As one of the most actively traded commodities, coffee is now a multibillion-dollar global industry.

What is it about coffee that keeps us coming back for more? Is it truly the caffeine or is it something else…the aroma, the taste, the sense of gathering a cup of coffee brings. We'll examine the cultural fixation and go behind the scenes with two major players in coffee today — Starbucks and Green Mountain Coffee.

The story of how coffee gets to this country is mostly unknown and fascinating…put it this way, if you think standing in line to get your cup of Joe is a hassle, wait until you see how a cherry off a coffee tree eventually makes it to your local barista. From the jungles of Peru to America's coffee cafés, CNBC's "The Coffee Addiction" takes you on the coffee journey from bean to cup.

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  • Americans crave their daily fix of coffee, drinking an estimated 400 million cups a day, so it's no wonder that coffee retailers have grown signficantly over the last several years, even in the face of tough economic times. Here, we take a look at the coffee retail chains that had the fastest year-over-year pace of growth in 2010, according to figures from market research group Technomic. Click ahead to see the fastest growing coffee chains in America.

    Americans crave their daily fix of coffee, drinking an estimated 400 million cups a day. Here are America's fastest-growing coffee chains.

  • The United States is just twelfth worldwide when it comes to caffeine consumption. At an average of 3 kilograms (106 ounces) of coffee per person per year, Americans are well behind world leader Norway at 10.7 kilograms, or nearly three gallons, per person. Still, Americans consider themselves to be a pretty caffeinated culture. Certainly the growth of coffee shops around the country are a testament to how much we love our caffeine. Here, we take a look at some of the top buzz hubs as reported b

    Coffee is now a multibillion-dollar global industry. Here, we take a look at the American cities with the most coffee shops per capita — America's most caffeinated cities.

  • Coffee berries being picked from the trees on Guzman's coffee farm.
    By: Steve Schnee|Producer

    CNBC Producer Steve Schnee shares the behind-the-scenes stories of a journey into Peru's coffee country where some of the world's best coffee is grown.

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