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Produced for CNBC by Cineflix with Dave Hamilton among the executive producers for Cineflix. Jim Ackerman and Adam Barry are the executive producers for CNBC.

On CNBC's "The Deed," self-made, serial entrepreneur and multi-millionaire real estate mogul Sidney Torres comes to the aid of struggling property investors in dire need of help. Torres uses his own resources, design savvy and years of experience to rescue inexperienced home flippers who are on the verge of losing everything. The series follows Torres in his home town of New Orleans as he throws distressed developers a lifeline in exchange for a piece of the property and a percentage of the profits. Once a deal is struck, he will stop at nothing to pull these money pits out of the red. Torres lives for the thrill of making the kind of deal where everyone benefits and being able to make communities better through business. Flipping is never as easy as it seems but with the right partner, these deals can get back on track.

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  • The Deed | "Property Won't Love You Back": In this behind-the-scenes look, host Sidney Torres discusses how artist Matthew Holdren's desire to custom-build his own investment property led to a half-finished project, missed deadlines and major budget issues, forcing him to live in his own flip and follow Sidney's strict timeline. The Deed All-new Wednesdays 10P ET/PT

  • Inside 'The Deed': Big Ambitions, Even Bigger Debt

    The Deed | "Big Ambitions, Even Bigger Debt": Real estate entrepreneur Sidney Torres and flipper Mike Meredith discuss the hidden challenges of the Treme home project and how this one flip changed Mike and Andre’s entire real estate portfolio.

  • The Deed | "It's Your Home, But It's My Money": In this behind-the-scenes look, host Sidney Torres discusses the difficulties of developing a property in an undesirable area and working with strong-headed flipper Russell Frank who said all the right things just to get his money. The Deed All-new Wednesdays 10P ET/PT



“The Deed” explores a side of real estate that other property shows ignore—an unflinching look at how fortunes are really made in the unpredictable and cutthroat world of real estate flipping and development.

This season takes viewers through every stage of the renovation process, as Torres works with everyone from aspiring and ambitious novices to seasoned, down-on-their-luck real-estate developers. Some of the partners featured this season include an ambitious law student looking to make his mark in real estate, a couple seeking to turn their flipping dream into a reality after a 10-year wait, a pair of recovering addicts looking for a fresh start, and one of Sidney’s oldest friends who’s in desperate need of help with his million dollar money pit.

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