The Diamond Rush

  • Raw diamonds

    Accounting for 90 percent of the world’s gem trade, diamonds are the rarest and most coveted of all stones. Whether as as investments, symbols of wealth or unique works of art, diamonds are unsurpassed in their beauty and longevity.

  • Rough cut diamonds

    Some investors are looking for new ways to invest in diamonds, including replicating the success of gold ETFs and buying and selling diamonds over the internet without taking delivery of the gem.

  • Diamonds

    Before you invest in diamonds, make sure you follow these rules.

  • diamond-hunters-200.jpg

    After being laid off from his job in the automotive industry, David Anderson didn’t bother searching for work. Instead, he went hunting for treasure — but not just any kind of treasure. Anderson went searching for diamonds.

  • Treasure Hunting: How to Find a Diamond in the Rough

    Located in Murfreesboro, Arkansas, Crater of Diamond State Park is open to diamond hunters of all ages. Treasure hunter Chris Collins gives his expert advice on how to find your very own diamond in the rough.

  • Diamonds in the Rough

    Before rough diamonds can become the sparklers seen in jewelry stores around the world, they make a stop at a sorting company like The Diamond Trading Company of Botswana (DTC), a joint venture between the government of Botswana and Debeers. With over 12,000 different classifications used, it takes both machine and human to sort through each and every carat.

  • tells CNBC that there are four important qualities an individual should be looking for when shopping for a diamond engagement ring: cut, color, clarity and carat.

  • Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

    Picking the perfect diamond engagement ring is no easy task. In order to unravel the mystery, Anja Winikka, site director of, tells CNBC just how to find that perfect engagement ring.

  • Inside the Richest Diamond Mine on the Planet

    CNBC's Bob Pisani takes you inside the king of all mines -- DeBeers crown jewel, the Jwaneng mine located in Botswana. At two miles high and more than a quarter mile deep, the mine produces 12 to 15 million carats per year, about 10 percent of the world's diamond supply.

  • International Diamond Industry Rock Star -- Martin Rapaport

    In the secretive world of international dealers, Martin Rapaport is a rock star! He isn't a dealer, rather, he runs The Rapaport Price List, which is updated weekly and is the industry's go-to list for finding what a diamond is really worth.

  • Diamond Rush

    The hardest substance on earth, the gem of royalty, the choice of celebrities. Wars have been fought and lives have been lost, all over a sparkly stone. CNBC's Bob Pisani goes inside the lucrative, secretive diamond industry to reveal the true gem in "The Diamond Rush."

About The Diamond Rush

  • Investors are setting their sights on diamonds and some believe the precious stone is poised to become the next gold. CNBC takes you on an all access tour of the mysterious diamond industry. Journey deep inside the world’s richest diamond mine in Africa and discover how diamond hunters buy and sell the best rocks at a Las Vegas jewelry expo. CNBC’s Bob Pisani brings cameras for the first time into New York’s Diamond Dealers Club, the stock exchange of the diamond world. And, diamond hunting in Arkansas, the only diamond producing public site where you can go digging for diamonds. Will the expense of pulling rare diamonds from the earth pay off? And, will diamond investing be the next big thing?

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