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  • 5 Moments The Profit’s Marcus Lemonis rolled up his sleeves

    When the going gets tough on The Profit, Marcus Lemonis never shies away from lending a helping hand … and making some mistakes along the way. From throwing on an apron and cutting up onions the wrong way to trying to fill coffee bags and spilling beans all over the floor, these are some of the moments where Marcus wasn’t afraid to get to work. The Profit returns June 12 | Tuesday 10P ET/PT

  • The Profit | Top 5 moments that made us cry

    Marcus Lemonis is known for his tough love take on small business. But there’s a tender side to The Profit, too. Get your tissues ready as we countdown the top moments that made us cry The Profit returns June 12 | Tuesday 10P ET/PT

  • Watch an exclusive chat with Cory Nieves of Mr. Cory's Cookies as he reveals the heartwarming motivation that kickstarted his business. The Profit All New Tuesday at 10P ET/PT

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  • The Profit - Season 5 Befores - Ellison Eyewear

    Ellison Eyewear is an eyewear company who creates timeless pieces that keep customers coming back time and time again. Their sales are steadily climbing and the sky is the limit for this company. Now all they need is somebody with the experience and know how to get on board and bring them to the next level. Will Marcus Lemonis be that somebody?

  • The Profit - Season 5 Befores - The Casery

    The Casery is a phone case company exclusively for women. They have a very large and creative line of products that are designated for their 13-34 demographic. With no knowledge of how to get their expenses lower then their sales they are bound for failure. They may be able to keep phones from breaking apart but can they say the same for their own company? Check out the owners asking Marcus Lemonis for his expertise and help.

  • Tank Farm & Co. is a brotherly owned and operated sport and leisure apparel company. They are a self-proclaimed "lifestyle" brand but they struggle with inventory and organization. It also doesn't help that they have a second company; Anderson Brothers that they put a lot of time and effort into. After the loss of their younger brother to cancer a year and a half ago the company has struggled to get back on its feet. Now their pleading to Marcus Lemonis to help fix their process and help them succeed.


On CNBC’s “The Profit”, Marcus Lemonis lends his expertise to struggling businesses in various industries across the country while using his famous People/Process/Product principle.

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Marcus Lemonis

There is no secret as to why self-made millionaire and serial entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis continues to make his mark on the business world. He leaves not just an impression, but an imprint on everyone he meets, and Lemonis has that charisma, if you will, that few possess.

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Returns June 12 | Tuesday 10P ET/PT

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