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  • The revelation that a rogue trader at UBS lost billions has shaken the European banking sector and sparked cries for tighter regulation.Can't banks do anything to prevent traders from creating huge unauthorized exposures to trading losses? According to UBS chief executive Oswald Gruebel the rogue trading loss couldn’t have been prevented. “If someone acts with criminal energy, then you can’t do anything. That will always be the case in our business,” the former trader said in the interview publi

    Can't banks do anything to prevent traders from creating huge unauthorized exposures to trading losses?

  • Twitter

    Instant messaging and twitter may allow traders to be more profitable than when they work alone or under centralized command.

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    Global stock markets are regularly seeing three-percent swings as investors grapple with worries about the euro zone debt situation and escalating tensions between North and South Korea.

  • New York Stock Exchange

    Last Thursday’s intraday volatility, which saw the Dow plummeting nearly 1000 points, has left European investors tentative about Wall Street, according to market participants.

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    Federal regulators on Monday made permanent an emergency rule aimed at reducing abusive short-selling, put in at the height of last fall's market turmoil.

  • A broker works as his control screen shows a graph of activity on the French Stock Exchange in Paris.

    Most traders come to the markets because they see a way to break from the 9-5 routine...There is a magnetic attraction to the idea that you can make money, sitting in your pajamas, typing on a keyboard and doing what is called “playing” the markets. Playing at home in pajamas…sounds like a teenage slumber party with lots of fun, doesn’t it?

  • It took a recommendation from the most bearish analyst around to shake the market out of its lethargy Monday. Meridith Whitney has been the hottest hand for the past few years and unbelievably correct in her bearish stance on the financial sector. With her upgrade of Goldman Sachs, the sector and the market woke up. But only woke up a bit. Volume, which has been anemic at best, was a discouragingly low 1.2 billion shares on the NYSE.