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  • 2012 Auto Sector Predictions

    CNBC's Phil LeBeau with a look at which auto makers will top the list next year.

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    German airline Lufthansa has sold its British unit BMI for 172.5 million pounds ($271 million) to International Airlines Group (IAG), the holding company for the merged British Airways and Iberia.

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    Rules aimed at preventing airline pilots from flying while dangerously fatigued were issued Wednesday by the FAA, a move safety advocates have been urging for more than two decades.

  • Subprime Car Buyers

    CNBC's Phil LeBeau has the details on the uptick in subprime car buyers. With more people getting loans and buying cars, how is this affecting the economy? Rebecca Lindland, IHS director of automotive research, weighs in on the need for a happy medium.

  • The New York investment banking firm Greenhill said two of its managing directors were on the plane that crashed on Interstate 287, killing everyone aboard.

  • 5 Dead as Small Plane Crashes in New Jersey

    CNBC's Sue Herera reports a small plane crashed on Route 287 in New Jersey, killing five people, including two investment bankers from New York City.

  • The airlines are always a curious trade, and now the bulls are going after Delta Air Lines.

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    More Americans will travel during the upcoming holiday season but will avoid the tarmac as the year winds down and the holiday decorations light up.

  • If you’re shopping for shipping stocks, one company stands out to a “Fast Money” analyst: FedEx.

  • Texting and driving

    Reacting to a deadly text-related accident, the National Transportation Board recommended all states ban driver use of cell phones, a move which would exceed all existing state laws on the subject.

  • NTSB Device Recommendation & a Big Deal for Boeing

    CNBC's Phil LeBeau reports on two developing transportation stories: the NTSB recommending a ban on all electronic devices in automobiles, and Southwest Airlines placing a $19B order for 208 737 MAXjets; the largest order in Boeing's history.

  • Just four years ago, 11.5 million packages went through FedEx on December 12th. Today, that number is 17 million. CNBC's Brian Shactman says companies like Zappos and ProFlowers have even built distribution hubs next to UPS and FedEx for more efficient delivery.

  • FedEx vs. UPS: Delivering Jobs

    The busiest day of the year has arrived for shoppers like FedEx and UPS. Insight on how many employees the companies plan to hire ahead of the holiday shipping season, with Urs Dur, Lazard Capital Markets.

  • DOT's Air-Travel Report: October Arrivals Best in 17 Years

    The Department of Transportation released their latest air travel report from October, with CNBC's Phil LeBeau.

  • FedEx Ship Shape for Holiday Season

    CNBC's Brian Shactman has the story on how FedEx has prepared for its busiest shipping day of the year.

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    Audi and MIT have teamed up to create  a website that tells users how the roadways and drivers’ moods in their city compare to others nationwide and how urban planners can improve the transportation system.Index findings can tell planners which road segments to improve for the most efficient results. It can also reveal how drivers change their motoring routines when they have more information

  • FedEx's Global View

    Gene Huang, FedEx chief economist, discusses the state of the global economy and how his company plans to deliver profits this holiday season.

  • Tesla Model S

    Nothing goes up forever, certainly not in the stock market. But among the auto stocks, Tesla shares have been among the few that have motored higher as the sector has stalled this year. Just for comparison, year-to-date TSLA shares are up 14.5% while the S&P auto manufacturers index is down 35.3%.

  • Road rage

    Progressive Insurance commissioned Harris Interactive to poll Americans about their driving habits - and the results are amazing.

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    FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt was placed on a leave of absence Monday, and U.S. officials said his employment is under review following his arrest for drunken driving in suburban Northern Virginia.