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How do collectors know they’re buying real silver? Curtis Dowling of CNBC's "Treasure Detectives" offers some key points.

Mask-Maker Reveals Stunning Observation on Prototype Hockey Mask

The mask maker notices something unusual about the fiberglass in this mask that might prove its authenticity.

Curtis and Andy Attempt to Recreate a Mural

Curtis and Andy recreate a section of a mural, however they run into some difficulty with achieving the correct color and style.

How to Spot a Fake: Curtis Dowling's Favorite Fake Story

For over twenty years, Shaun Greenhalgh produced several fakes and fooled several museums, galleries, and experts, Curtis explains.

Did Neil Armstrong Bring Cufflinks to the Moon?

Little is known about what Neil Armstrong brought with him on the Apollo 11 mission. Did he bring cufflinks?

'I'm Going to Take You Guys Down!'

How does Max react when he finds out that his rare guitar is not worth as much as he originally thought? Watch the showdown!

Is This Guitar the 'Find of the Century?'

Max believes he has Les Paul's personal guitar, but what does expert Norman Harris, who buys and sells vintage guitars, have to say?

World Famous Forger: Tony Tetro

Curtis enlists the help of one of the world's top forgers, Tony Tetro. Learn about Tony's history and how he fooled experts.

The Alleged Andy Warhol Shoe Drawing

Curtis calls in fine art expert Reyne Hirsch to help determine if the Warhol is real or a fake.

Meet the Team

  • Curtis has over 20 years' experience in fine arts and antiques and he hates fakes! He is on a mission to help people discover the truth and put the fakers and forgers out of business.

  • Catherine Knebel is Curtis Dowling's research assistant and a treasure detective with an auctioneer's background.

  • Andy is the treasure detective with people skills. People like Andy and he can get them to talk and give him valuable information.

  • "Hutch," a.k.a. Matthew Brandon Hutchens, started collecting as soon as he could walk. His special areas of expertise are high-end military memorabilia, swords, fine art, and jewelry.

About Treasure Detectives

"Treasure Detectives" takes you deep inside the world of arts, antiques and collectibles. Curtis Dowling and his team of investigators verify the authenticity of collectibles, artwork and antiquities using innovative technology and street smarts. Is it a fake or is it worth a fortune?

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  • Do you have an item that you want the Treasure Detectives to investigate? Contact us at TreasureDetectivesTV@gmail.com

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