The Profit in Marijuana Country

Business: Treat Yourself

Entrepreneur: Cindy Pinzon & Leone Posod

Cindy Pinzon and Leone Posod are best friends who run a pot edibles company, Treat Yourself. They're striving to market a new and uniquely California product: vegan, gluten-free, marijuana-infused tarts. Cindy used to be an actress and Leone was a police dispatcher – avoiding pot used to be part of her job.

Now they're both all in. They started Treat Yourself in 2015 and haven't looked back. Cindy and Leone are still working out of a tiny home kitchen and have put $15,000 into their business – everything they have – hoping to make their tarts the next big thing.

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  • The Profit in Marijuana Country

    Humboldt County, California is home to an estimated 10,000 illegal pot farms and source of much of the illegal marijuana in America. But things are changing fast in Humboldt, as California becomes the eighth state to legalize recreational weed. In a special episode of “The Profit,” Marcus Lemonis looks at how legalization is changing the landscape in this legendary outlaw county. The Profit in Marijuana Country Premieres Jan 2 | Tues 10P ET/PT

  • Is this the future of pot farming?

    Marcus meets Alex Moore, owner of Honeydew Farms, one of the very first growers in Humboldt to receive his county permit. Honeydew is one of the largest farms in the county, with 260,000 thousand square feet of growing space. The Profit in Marijuana Country Premieres Jan 2 | Tues 10P ET/PT

  • Pot farmers come out of the shadows

    Marcus travels to meet Tom and Karen Hessler, who’ve been growing marijuana in Humboldt County since 1971. The Hesslers are in their 70’s now, and proud of their role as “Pioneers of Pot.” The Profit in Marijuana Country Premieres Jan 2 | Tues 10P ET/PT


  • Adrian Sedlin and his company represent the new face of legal marijuana in California.

  • Dan Osborne, a former minister and computer specialist, may be an unlikely marijuana mogul.

  • Andrea Unsworth runs a female-operated, delivery-only medicinal cannabis dispensary.

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