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  •  West must not be weak: Ex UK Army chief

    Sir Richard Dannatt, former head of the British Army, says that the U.S. and the West need to "exercise leadership" and take a strong stance against Russia's actions in Ukraine.

  • West 'sleep-walking' through Ukraine crisis: Pro

    Timothy Ash, head of emerging markets research at Standard Bank, says the West and markets are "sleep-walking through the Ukraine crisis" and ignoring the ongoing "full-scale war".

  • How will Russia deal with tougher sanctions?

    CNBC's Hadley Gamble looks at what further sanctions the EU could slap on Russia and whether they'll have any bite.

  • Close to 'point of no return': Ukraine's Poroshenko

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says the conflict with Russia is close to the "point of no return" which would be "full scale war".

  • Why oil prices will defy the bears soon

    Greg Smith, Group CEO at Global Commodities, says renewed tensions in Ukraine will fuel concerns of a supply disruption and that will lift oil prices higher in the weeks ahead.

  • Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

    Upcoming econ data will be extremely important, since it could have a direct impact on what the Fed might say about a path to higher interest rates.

  • The situation in Ukraine looks ever further from the peaceful, or at least contained, solution Western leaders were hoping for.

  • Putin fighting for 'regime survival'

    Daragh McDowell, senior analyst at Maplecroft, says the conflict between Ukraine and Russia has become an "existential issue for both presidents", as backing down would mean losing their positions.

  • William Taylor: Russia a mafia, KGB governed state

    Discussing how to counter the "new" Russia and if airstrikes will effectively combat ISIS, with former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, William Taylor.

  • ISIS ISIL Iraq

    Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, William Taylor, weighs in on U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron's statements about the threat of ISIS and if U.S. will be drawn into armed conflict.

  • ISIS post execution video of 250 Syrian soldiers

    CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera reports on the execution of 250 Syrian soldiers by ISIS, as well as news Russian President Vladimir Putin lashed out at Ukraine during an event with students.

  • NATO satellite images show Russian troops in Ukraine

    CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera reports Russia's President Vladimir Putin is peaking at a youth conference in Seliger while 1,000 Russian troops are operating in Ukraine.

  • Shutdown saber-rattling on Capitol Hill

    Politico's Ben White discusses the geopolitical problems weighing on President Obama, including coming up with a strategy on ISIS. Also White provides his take on the hot button issues on Capitol Hill.

  • Russian forces advance on Ukraine

    NBC's Albina Kovalyova reports on the latest developments in Ukraine as fighting escalates and the West considers enforcing additional sanctions on Russia.

  • How can Russian aggression be halted?

    Andrew Wood, an associate fellow at Chatham House, discusses the latest developments in the Ukraine crisis and what can be done to stop Russian aggression.

  • Can NATO de-escalate the Ukraine crisis?

    Andrew Foxall, director of the Russia studies centre at The Henry Jackson Society, says the EU is likely to extend and toughen its Russian sanctions and discusses next week's NATO meeting.

  • Energy sanctions on Russia 'off the table': Pro

    Carlo Gallo, Founder at Enquirisk, says any energy sanctions on Russia are "off the table" as Europe relies heavily on Russian gas.

  • Who will be the next European Council President?

    Philippe Legrain, former economic advisor to the President of the European Commission, says Poland's Prime Minister Donald Tusk is a frontrunner for European Council presidency.

  • Russia in focus as EU foreign ministers meet

    CNBC's Claudia Pensotti reports on what to expect from the meeting of EU foreign ministers as the Ukraine crisis escalates.

  • Why US stocks are looking past Ukraine crisis

    From a financial standpoint, geopolitical tensions in Ukraine don't have major economic repercussions, says James Bianco, President of Bianco Research.