Undercover Boss

Episode Guide

Season 1:

101 – Waste Management
The President and COO of Waste Management works alongside his employees.

102 – White Castle
The owner of White Castle accidentally ruins a large shipment of his own product.

103 – Churchill Downs
The COO of Churchill Downs faces his fear of horses.

104 – Hooters
The President and CWO of "Hooters" struggles to keep pace in a busy restaurant

105 – 7-Eleven
7-Eleven's boss discovers that one of his policies is not being followed.

106 – Hershend Family Entertainment
The President and CEO of Hershend Family Entertainment meets a young man aspiring for his job.

107 – GSI Commerce
The CEO of GSI Commerce discovers that rushing through a task can result in injury to others.

108 – Rob Rooter
The President and COO of Roto-Rooter discovers that sewage pipes and drains are not the only things that need his attention.

109 – 1-800-Flowers
The President and COO of 1-800-Flowers discovers misconceptions about their brand.

Season 2:

201 – Choice Hotels
The boss of Choice Hotels International gets an exhausting, unfiltered look inside his own company.

202 – Great Wolf
The CEO of Great Wolf Resorts trades in her business suit for a lifeguard's uniform at North America's largest family of indoor waterpark resorts.

203 – DirecTV
The boss of DirecTV finds employees paying out of pocket for an essential piece of equipment.

204 – Frontier Airlines
The boss of Frontier Airlines tackles one of the dirtiest jobs of the season.

205 – NASCAR
The CMO of NASCAR is told he might be better equipped at being the pit crew's water boy.

206 – Chiquita Brands International
The Chairman and CEO of Chiquita causes a mess at their flagship factory.

207 – Chicago Cubs
An owner of The Chicago Cubs is fired on his second day as a maintenance employee.

208 – Lucky Strike Lanes
The boss of Lucky Strike Lanes finds himself working as the company mascot.

209 – Subway
The boss of Subway Restaurants faces one of the toughest employees ever.

210 – ABM
The boss of ABM Industries inadvertently breaks some rules on one assignment.

211 – Johnny Rockets
The boss of Johnny Rockets fails to properly make one of the company's signature hamburgers.

212 – Norwegian Cruise Line
The boss of Norwegian Cruise Lines is asked to lead nearly 1,000 party-goers in a line dance.

213 – UniFirst
The boss of UniFirst comes dangerously close to injuring himself.

214 – BELFOR
The boss of BELFOR loses his cool on a constructions site and makes one of the most unexpected reveals ever.

215 – Mack Trucks
The President and CWO of Mack Trucks comes face-to-face with rumors of their operations moving to Mexico.

216 – City of Cincinnati
For the first time ever, and elected official takes the "Undercover Boss" journey.

217 – United Van Lines
The CEO of United Van Lines discovers how physically exhausting it is to wrap, pack and load an entire house.

218 – MGM Grand
Casino patrons become frustrated with their new dealer when the President and COO of The MGM Grand goes undercover and struggles with dealing.

219 – Synagro
The boss of Synagro embarks on the dirtiest undercover mission yet.

220 – Baja Fresh
The boss of Baja Fresh encounters a problem at one of his stores, and later makes a decision that shocks his boardroom.

221 – BrightStar Care
The CEO of BrightStar Care trades in her corner office for a stethoscope and dirty diapers.

222 – University of California, Riverside
The Chancellor of the University of California, Riverside struggles as a teaching assistant in a chemistry class.

Season 3:

301 - Diamond Resorts
The Chairman and CEO of Diamond Resorts International ignites a fire on a dangerous assignment.

302 - The Dwyer Group
The Boss of The Dwyer Group discovers one of her franchises isn't following a company policy.

303 - Kendall-Jackson Wine Estates
The President of Kendall-Jackson Wine Estates causes a shutdown at one of the company's bottling lines.

304 - Checkers & Rally's
Burgers aren't the only thing flipping when the boss of Checkers & Rally's is forced to make a drastic decision.

305 - American Seafoods
The CEO of American Seafoods must sink or swim when he tackles the dangerous work of a deckhand.

306 - Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen
An Employee's lack of southern hospitality frustrates the Chief Talent Officer or Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.

307 - Oriental Trading Company
The CEO of Oriental Trading Company puts the festivities on ice after receiving complaints from several unhappy employees.

308 - Yankee Candle
The boss of Yankee Candle's knack for customer service puts his undercover mission in jeopardy.

309 - TaylorMade Golf Company
The boss of TaylorMade Gold Company breaks his cover when one of his employees takes a special interest in him.

310 - Budget Blinds
The boss of Budget Blinds gets tangled up, hit on and insulted.

311 - Philly Pretzel Factory
The boss of Philly Pretzel Factory is forced into action after one franchise owner goes rogue.

The boss of FASTSIGNS International learns first-hand how difficult the design and manufacturing of their product can be.

313 - MasTec
The boss of MasTec receives an explosive surprise while heading down a manhole.

Season 4:

401 – Post Net
Steve Greenbaum, the CEO and founder of PostNet, undergoes a drastic transformation to get an inside peek at his company.

402 – Tilted Kilt
Ron Lynch, President of Tilted Kilt, dons a kilt to conceal his identity and uncovers shocking truths about The Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery.

403 – Cinnabon
The youngest boss in series history, Cinnabon President Kat Cole, dons a disguise to ensure that nothing in her company goes half-baked.

404 – Kampgrounds of America (KOA)
Eagle Scout Jim Rodgers, Chairman and CEO of Kampgrounds of America (KOA), hits the road in an RV for his trip undercover.

405 – Modell’s Sporting Goods
The CEO of Modell’s Sporting Goods, Mitchell B. Modell, undergoes a transformational close shave in order to keep his identity under wraps.

406 – Mood Media
Lorne Abony, CEO of Mood Media, undergoes a drastic transformation, adding tattoos and fresh threads for a hipster disguise undercover.

407 – Diamond Resorts: Take2
For the first time ever, a former boss, Stephen Cloobeck of Diamond Resorts, returns for a second round undercover at his company.

408 – Moe’s Southwest Grill
Paul Damico, President of Moe’s Southwest Grill, gets tatted up and journeys undercover to take an inside peek at his restaurant franchise.

409 – Boston Market
Sara Bittorf, the Chief Brand Officer of Boston Market, is sent on a crucial assignment undercover by the CEO of the company.

410 – O’Neill Clothing
Toby Bost, CEO of O’Neill Clothing, transforms himself from surfer dude to a “corporate kook” for his trip as an undercover boss.

411 – Squaw Valley
Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley, hits the slopes for a journey undercover and Olympic gold medalist Jonny Moseley helps.

412 – ADT
Tony Wells, CMO of ADT Security Services, adds a thick beard for his undercover disguise. A salesman schools the boss on dressing for success.

413 – Fatburger
Fatburger boss, Andy Wiederhorn, goes from an inmate to CEO and finds second chances are for more than just the employees.

414 – Retro Fitness
Eric Casaburi, the founder of Retro Fitness, tackles some heavy lifting of his own on this all new Undercover Boss journey.

415 – Orkin
John Wilson of Orkin goes from President to Exterminator. He breaks out a bee keeper suit and its boss vs. cockroaches in a battle to the death.

416 – Undercover Boss: Epic Employees
Undercover Boss catches up with some of our most epic employees including Veronica, Angel, Ronnie, and the foul-mouthed Jacqueline.

417 – Undercover Boss: Epic Bosses
Undercover Boss catches up with some of our most epic Bosses including Mitchell Modell, Steven Cloobeck, Rick Tigner, Rick Silva, and Coby Brooks.

Season 5:

501- Twin Peaks
The Boss of Twin Peaks goes undercover in his restaurant chain famous for scantily clad wait staffs.

502 – Loehmann’s
In a series first, an openly gay boss goes undercover!

503- Donatos
Jane Grote Abell, Owner of Donato's Pizza, goes undercover to get an inside slice of the family business.

504- Buffets, Inc
Anthony Wedo, CEO of Buffets Inc., travels from his corner office to the back of the house.

505- Menchie’s
The CEO of Menchie’s, Amit Kleinberger, tries to stay cool while working undercover in his dessert dynasty.

506- Alfred Angelo
Paul Quentel, CEO of Alfred Angelo, flexes his muscles for an undercover mission in his bridal shops.

507- Family Dollar
Mike Bloom, President and COO of Family Dollar, pays an undercover visit to his 'cheap sheik' discount stores

508 – Dutch Bros. Coffee
The President of Dutch Bros. Coffee, Travis Boersma, goes undercover to see what keeps his high-energy coffee chain brewing on all cylinders.

509- Undercover Boss: Busted!
Seven former bosses reflect on their memorable “busted” moments.

510 – Massage Heights
Shane Evans, COO of Massage Heights, goes undercover to find the kinks in her company.

511- Mohegan Sun Casino
In a series first, a Native American Boss goes undercover.

512 – Hudson Group
Joe Didomizio, CEO of Hudson Group, goes undercover to find out if his company is still the “traveler’s best friend.”

513 – Utah Jazz
Greg Miller, CEO of the NBA’s Utah Jazz, suits up for an undercover mission.

514- Undercover Employee
In a series first, it’s the employees going undercover, not the Boss.

515- Sky Zone
Jeff Platt, the series’ youngest CEO, goes undercover in his high-flying trampoline empire.

Season 6:

601- True Value
A former FBI agent goes undercover to investigate the True Value of his employees.

602 – Mayor of Pittsburgh
The Mayor leaves City Hall to get down and dirty on The streets of Pittsburgh.

603 – Bikini's Sports Bar and Grill
The boss of Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill travels to the front lines of his "breastaurant" chain.

604 – Maaco
The Venezuelan born President of Maaco, Jose Costa, goes under the hood to inspect America's bodyshop.

605- Phenix Salons, Inc.
Former hairstylist turned President, Gina Rivera, combs through her company for potential kinks.

606- EmpireCLS
David Seelinger, Chairman and CEO of EmpireCLS chauffeur services, gets behind the wheel to see what keeps his company's engine running.

607- Rocket Fizz
Robert Powell, Co-Founder and President of Rocket Fizz, embarks on an emotional journey to discover what keeps his candy shops sweet.

608- Forman Mills
Eccentric boss, Rick Forman, goes undercover in his discount retail store to see what keeps his company racking up success.

609- Stella & Dot
Jessica Herrin, Founder and CEO of the jewelries and accessories giant Stella & Dot, goes undercover to find the real diamonds in the rough.

610- Armando Montelongo
The hotshot CEO of Armando Montelongo Companies goes undercover to see what keeps his real estate investment company on solid ground.

611- Gigi's Cupcakes
Gina Butler, Founder & CEO of Gigi's Cupcakes, goes undercover to see what keeps her company rising to the top.

612- Peavey Electronics
Courtland Gray, COO of Peavey Electronics, goes undercover to see what keeps his audio empire rocking.

613- Vivint
Renegade CEO, Todd Pederson, goes undercover in his home security and technology company to see what keeps his company wired.