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Food retail is not just about price: Analyst

Bruno Monteyne, senior analyst for European food retail at Bernstein, discusses the U.K. supermarket sector as Morrisons reports better than expected Christmas sales and experiences a 10 percent share price boost.

The oil market is trending lower: Trader

Ben Lichtenstein, president of Tradersaudio.com, discusses oil price activity and expects further downside.

Look at dollar-denominated assets: Investor

David Schiegoleit, MD of investments at the U.S. Bank Wealth Management, says investors outside the U.S. should look at dollar-denominated assets that could benefit if the yuan falls.

New cancer blood test could make it far more treatable: CEO

Illumina CEO Jay Flatley explains the technology behind new technology allowing for cancer screening using blood tests.

After a hot start, is 2016 Wal-Mart's year?

Cowen & Co. Managing Director Oliver Chen and Morningstar's Ken Perkins debate whether Wal-Mart is poised for a big year.

Cramer Remix: The worst stock in the world

Mad Money host Jim Cramer takes a long look at Wall Street and finds how China, energy and a global slowdown have made this stock untouchable.

A pedestrian carries shopping bags while walking on Fifth Avenue in New York.

The bearish bet on consumer discretionary with CNBC contributor Dan Nathan.

Rig hands move equipment at a hydraulic fracturing site atop the Marcellus shale rock formation in Washington Township, Pennsylvania.

Dennis Gartman, The Gartman Letter, explains what he calls "a new era for oil" and says that oil can go lower.


The "Fast Money" traders give you 4 names to buy in biotech amidst a $32 billion merger.

JNJ CEO: Solid performance in US

Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky, discusses innovations and challenges in the health care space right now, and exposure to China.

Tesla adds self-parking feature

Tesla announces a self-parking feature, CNBC contributor Jon Steinberg discusses CEO Elon Musk's PR strategy.

The breakdown: Josh Brown's 401k advice

In a new segment called "The Breakdown," FMHR trader Josh Brown discusses the key differences between retirement investing versus trading.

Halftime Portfolio: Joe's 2016 strategy

"Fast Money Halftime Portfolio" trader Joe Terranova, shares his strategy for this year's trader battle.

Deeper correction ahead?

Has the market seen its lows? The FMHR traders share their view.

CNBC Update: Powerball jackbot hits $1.3B

Powerball jackpot reaches a historic $1.3 billion, and David Bowie has died after a battle with cancer, reports CNBC's Sue Herera.

Gov. Asa Hutchinson: Computer coding in the classroom

Gov. Asa Hutchinson, (R-Ark.), discusses his state's computer coding mandate and efforts to attract tech companies. Also Hutchinson weighs in on lowering income taxes and balancing the budget.

Offshore yuan borrowing rates surge

The cost of borrowing offshore yuan in Hong Kong's interbank market spikes on Monday.

SocGen: Avoid Asia, love Russia

Societe Generale advises investors to look to eastern European.

UK ahead of game in Men’s fashion: Musician

British rap musician, Tinie Tempah, discusses the rise in men’s fashion and how Britain is “reaping the benefits” when it comes to leading the way in the sector.

Detroit Auto Show preview

CNBC's Phil Lebeau reports many automakers are revealing new models at the North American International Auto Show.

Apple marks big music milestone

It's been six months since Apple launched its streaming music service and is quickly gaining on the competition, reports CNBC's Landon Dowdy.

China is driving EM markets lower: Shah

Sanjiv Shah, chief investment officer at Sun Global Investments, discusses the effects of China’s weakness on emerging markets.

US may be ‘global quality play’ in 2016: UBS

If the weakness continues in China, what does this mean for the U.S.? Karen Olney, head of European thematic strategy at UBS, weighs in.

Commodities demand has been terrible: Analyst

Paul Gait, senior research analyst for metals and mining at Sanford Bernstein, says Chinese demand for commodities has declined while supply has accelerated, impacting shares in mining companies.

China sell-off is an overreaction: CIO

Patrick Armstrong, CIO of Plurimi Investment Managers, discusses the Chinese economy and argues that the depreciation of the yuan is great for China's exports.

210,000 jobs added to US December payroll

Manish Singh, strategist & head of investments at Crossbridge Capital, argues that the quality of the additional U.S. jobs are good and discusses how job growth will lead to economic growth for the U.S.

How far will the Chinese yuan move?

Freya Beamish, economist at Lombard Street Research, discusses the Chinese yuan and China's economy.

Tri:Factor: Key risks for China's economy

Tommy Xie, OCBC economist, identifies the three key risks for China: Currency policy confusion, high corporate leverage and the difficulty of balancing reform and growth.

This China expert has some grim news

China's slowing economy will likely drag on for another two years, says Erwin Sanft, head of China strategy at Macquarie.

Cautious optimism for Chinese markets

Martin Schulz, managing director of PNC Capital Advisors talks about why he's cautiously optimistic about China and favors Hong Kong-listed stocks over Shanghai-listed stocks.

Marc Lasry on the Fed

Discussing how the Federal Reserve's monetary policy impacts the market, and vice versa, with Marc Lasry, Avenue Capital CEO, and the FMHR traders.