Most expensive GoPro video

8:30 AM ET Thu, 26 June 2014

People use GoPro cameras to capture life from the craziest of angles. These little devices have made it possible to see through the eyes of daredevils and speed demons like big wave surfers, back-flipping bikers, and people who jump out of space ships and fly back to earth. Robert Frank and the Secret Lives of the Super Rich team have been mounting GoPro cameras to some of the rarest and most expensive vehicles in the world to capture what it feels like to travel like the uber-wealthy. Does the world look different from behind the wheel of a $4,000,000 Lamborghini? A $7.5 Million helicopter? Or a $1.7 Million underwater jet? You're damn right it does. As far as we can tell, this is THE most Super Rich GoPro ever video made. Cost: More than $25 Million.