Mindy Grossman, WW CEO | Fortt Knox

Wellness, fitness, nutrition – all of it is getting a makeover in this age of mobile tech. Now you can book doctor appointments on an app, get your blood drawn and the results back in 20 minutes. You can give your doctor access to your genetic code and get truly personalized service. Your stationary bike can connect to the Internet to motivate you. But how much is too much? And what are the best services to check out? WW CEO Mindy Grossman, formerly of Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Nike and HSN joins me to talk about her path to leadership and how she's trying to change the conversation around health. Rich ideas and powerful people: CNBC's Jon Fortt brings you closer to the entrepreneurs and executives who are crafting the future in technology and beyond.
Tue, Jan 8 20192:54 PM EST