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Covid-19: America's Pandemic Prognosis & Business Plan - Scott Gottlieb at WEC Summit

Over the last nine months, we have faced a barrage of stressful and often confusing and conflicting reports about the constantly evolving battle against Covid-19. For business leaders analyzing a web of human, legal and financial considerations, getting clear and unambiguous guidance is critical. One voice has emerged as a trusted source of valuable information for this community: Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a former practicing physician who most recently ran the FDA has an unparalleled capacity to marry the scientific and regulatory considerations. Gottlieb can help you with a game plan for the tough winter ahead while offering a fact-check on potential vaccine efficacy and distribution timelines. He joins Meg Tirrell at the CNBC WEC Summit on November 12, 2020.
Fri, Nov 13 20209:50 AM EST