How Angela Merkel changed Germany — and the world

Angela Merkel is one of the most recognized leaders in the whole world, but after 16 years in power, she is due to leave politics. CNBC explores the German leader's legacy.
Thu, Jul 22 20217:00 AM EDT

Angela Merkel is so well-known that simple things have become synonymous with the German leader.

For example, her distinctive hand gesture — known as the "Merkel-Raute," "Merkel diamond" or "triangle of power" — was used by her party on a massive poster in Berlin during the 2013 election campaign. The idea was to convince voters that Germany was in good hands.

Even her name has led to a new German verb: Merkeln. Defined as holding off on a decision, it alludes to her cautious style of leadership.

However, after three decades in politics and a 16-year reign as chancellor, it was time for her to move on.

Watch the video above to learn more about Angela Merkel's career and legacy, both in Germany and abroad.