This digital nomad lives on $47 a day in Croatia
This digital nomad lives on $47 a day in Croatia

This digital nomad lives on $47 a day in Croatia

Steve Tsentserensky, 35, officially became a digital nomad earlier this year. He relocated from New Jersey to Split, Croatia in January 2021 and has been working remotely as a writer and video producer ever since. The popularity of digital nomadism exploded due to the pandemic's lockdowns and the newfound flexibility to work from anywhere.
Sat, Aug 21 202110:28 AM EDT

Steve Tsentserensky

Before I decided to to make this move I was living in New Jersey on a futon inside my sister's house. I didn't actually have a home and that was not particularly pleasant. So I knew I wanted to sort of get out at the earliest opportunity that I could make myself sort of financially comfortable to relocate.

My name is Steve Tsentserensky and I'm 35 years old.  I moved to Croatia from New Jersey earlier this year.  I live on about $47 a day and I make about $4,630 a month. 

Steve is one of many adults who relocated to another country during the pandemic. He left his job as a video producer for a cruise ship and now works remote in Split, Croatia.

Watch the video to hear how he did it.

Correction at 0:45: Steve left MSC Cruises in 2019. He stopped working for Royal Caribbean Cruises in 2016.