How this 34-year-old lives on $181K a year in Maidenhead, England

How this 34-year-old lives on $181K a year in Maidenhead, England

Alex Symeonoglou, 34, bought his two-bedroom flat in Maidenhead, UK — just outside of London — in June 2015. He makes $181,000 a year as a strategic assistant and chief of staff for a pharmaceutical company. He considers his interest in investing almost like a second job. As a result, he has amassed over $400,000 in his investment accounts. He enjoys spending his free time playing tennis, traveling, and practicing his mixology skills.
Thu, Sep 30 202112:17 PM EDT

Alex Symeonoglou:

My goal in life is not to make a lot of money, although I enjoy investing and I enjoy making money. What is most important is good friends, family and experiences, and money is just a vehicle to enable me to do what I want in life.

Hi, I'm Alex Symeonoglou. I'm thirty-four years of age and I live in Maidenhead, which is just outside of London. My job is strategic assistant and chief of staff for a large pharmaceutical organization, and I make £132,000 a year. So I'm half Greek, half English. But I was born and grew up in Athens, Greece, until I was 18 years of age.

And since then, I've traveled a little bit back and forth. So I did my bachelor's degree in the U.K. Then I went back to Greece to do my military service, and I started my own business and then I went to Paris to do my MBA. And now I've ended up in London for the past seven to eight years.

From a very young age, my father taught me some very good financial principles. He was a bit of a role model to understand how to manage money, how to live beneath your means and not show off. And by the time I reached university, I was on a daily basis, tracking stocks and getting involved with my father's investments.

Investing is something that I have a huge passion for. I read investment news every single day. I look at stock prices, and it's actually the thing that I talk about the most with all of my friends and family. It actually jokingly is probably a second job for me.

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