Exclusive first look inside Corning's new pharmaceutical vial factory

CNBC got an exclusive first look at Corning's new glass vial factory in Durham, North Carolina, which is producing vials for the Covid-19 vaccine.
Thu, Nov 18 20211:38 PM EST

Corning just opened a new pharmaceutical vial manufacturing factory in Durham, North Carolina, where it said it can produce 500 million glass vials per year to deliver Covid-19 vaccines and other drugs to the U.S. and abroad. The factory was developed and deployed in record time thanks in part to the $204 million funding from the federal government as a part of Operation Warp Speed.

Corning said its vials have been used for more than three billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines over the past 18 months.

Corning CEO Wendell Weeks plans to grow the pharmaceutical side of the business and said it will be "billions of dollars of opportunity" for the glass manufacturing giant.

Corning's vials borrow technology from Gorilla Glass, made for Apple iPhones, which makes them less likely to break or scratch and able to withstand the super cold temperatures needed for storing the Covid vaccine.

Watch the video to get a first look inside Corning's new factory and to see how vaccine vials are made.