How the pandemic changed Tokyo's Olympic legacy

Staging the Tokyo Olympic Games in the midst of a pandemic was a formidable task. So how did its organizers pull it off, and what is the Games' legacy now that Tokyo's Olympic flame has gone out?
Fri, Dec 3 20213:15 PM EST

Tokyo 2020 was an Olympic Games like no other, though likely not in the way its organizers had originally planned. 

With the Covid-19 pandemic underway and thousands of athletes' Olympic dreams hanging in the balance, the show had to go on — and it did, eventually. 

In late March 2020, the Summer Games were officially postponed. The countdown clock was reset, giving the Games' coordinators time to get public health measures in place and athletes the time to train after several months off under lockdown. 

So, did they pull it off? What is the Games' legacy now that Tokyo's Olympic flame has gone out? Watch the video above to find out.