A Singaporean director was told she wasn't good enough. Now her show's on Netflix

This Singaporean director was told she wasn't good enough. Now her show is on Netflix

Jean Yeo is the creative director and founder of Ochre Pictures, one of Singapore's top independent production companies. She shares her career-defining moments in CNBC Make It's "My Biggest Lessons."
Sun, Dec 12 20218:10 PM EST

Jean Yeo is the creative force behind multiple award-winning shows such as "The Leap Years," "Lion Mums" and "Last Madame," the latter of which is streaming on Netflix.

But her dream of being a director was questioned by her boss when she started out as a writer.

"I remember my boss told me, 'No, just stick to writing, I don't think you can make it as a good director,'" Yeo told CNBC.

"Had I believed him, I wouldn't have achieved what I've achieved today."

Today, Yeo is the creative director and founder of Ochre Pictures, one of Singapore's top independent production companies.

"The same boss who told me that I couldn't direct was the same one who told me a few months ago during an event that 'You're one of the, you know, top directors in Singapore,'" Yeo said.

She added that "it really takes tremendous courage, and a certain amount of stubbornness to (follow one's passion)."

This is just one of the five lessons Jean Yeo shared with CNBC. Watch the video above to learn about the others.