The battle for beef: Can the home of Angus turn the industry around?

The Scottish meat industry is worth more than $1.7 billion. But with global beef and veal consumption trending downward and a climate change emergency to contend with, can the home of Angus diversify in time?
Wed, Jan 26 20228:34 PM EST

Scotland is a country famous for its history, beautiful landscape, golf, whisky — and of course, its food. 

Among the nation's culinary delights, its beef has global recognition. Scottish cattle breeds are famous and have been adopted and bred all around the world. They've inspired restaurant chains from London to California. 

Unfortunately for the Scottish meat industry, global beef and veal consumption is trending downward, even as demand for meat grows in developing economies. 

A likely contributing factor is how terrible it is for the planet. In fact, when it comes to food, beef is one of the biggest offenders. 

Could carbon-intensive Aberdeen Angus one day be off the menu, and if so, what's going to be on our plates instead? Watch the video above to learn more.