How Wall Street learned to love bitcoin

How Wall Street learned to love bitcoin

Bitcoin surged to new heights in 2021 as companies like Tesla and Mastercard warmed to crypto. But with regulators circling, the currents ahead are likely choppy.
Sun, Feb 6 202211:14 PM EST

Bitcoin is the talk of the financial world.

The world's largest cryptocurrency started 2020 at $9,000. As time passed, bitcoin's value rose sharply, soaring to an all-time high above $68,000 in November 2021.

Major companies from Tesla to Mastercard have jumped into the market, prompting a rally in bitcoin and other tokens like ethereum and solana.

Bitcoin has matured from a virtual currency used by criminals to an asset that's been embraced by Wall Street firms. Many investors now liken the cryptocurrency to gold, believing it provides a store of value akin to the precious metal.

But as regulators start taking a closer look at crypto and volatility plagues the market, whether bitcoin can continue its stellar run looks increasingly uncertain.

So, what's next for bitcoin? Watch the video above to learn what the future holds in store for the No. 1 crypto.